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DUT Students To Further Enhance Their Education In USA

DUT Students To Further Enhance Their Education In USA

Three Durban University of Technology (DUT) students will soon be jetting off to the United States of America in July to further enhance their skills and education for 10 months.

Londiwe Khoza, Sandile Lukhozi and Gomolemo Mohapi were the three students out of four students selected to study under the Community College Initiative (CCI) programme in America. Khoza who is currently a second year DUT Child and Youth Care Development student will major in Early Childhood development at Mesa Community College in Arizona, USA. Meanwhile, Lukhozi, a third year DUT Journalism student will be studying Journalism at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona, USA. Mohapi, a second year DUT Information Technology student will major in Computer Science at Northern Virginia Community College, USA.

The scholarship programme entailed searching for 20 South African Students and four had to be from KwaZulu-Natal. While Khoza heard of the scholarship from one of her lecturers, both Lukhozi and Mohapi found out about the programme through their own curiosity. “I have been inspired by the likes of DUT Journalism Alumnus Siphelele Ngubane, who is currently doing his Master’s degree abroad. When I read stories like his, I get motivated to find out what I can do to enhance my education and skills,” said Lukhozi.

The shy 21-year-old said although he applied with hope and faith that the selection will be in favour of his application, he was still shocked when he learned of the news that it was finally happening. For Khoza, who refers to herself as a hard worker, the selection did not surprise her much. “I knew my academic record will play a major role in the selection process. Although I know that the essay was asked for was a genuine experience of my challenges that I had faced while trying to better my education and my life. However, my academic results told a story that I am a hard worker who excels and that cannot be denied and hard work always pays off, that is why even when it was the darkest hour, I will fight with all I have to get excellent academic results and have a better education than my parents,” she said.

Meanwhile, the modest and inspiring Mohapi said every time he thought of his current success, he becomes speechless. “I am happy; I never thought someone like me could actually get such an opportunity. I am looking forward to what I will learn in the States,” he said.

The programme will commence in July 2017 and end in May 2018. One of the main criteria’s is for the selected students to excel academically during their stay in the USA in order to remain in the programme right until the end of their study period.

Pictured: Proud recipients of the scholarships are Gomolemo Mohapi, Londiwe Khoza and Sandile Lukhozi.

Noxolo Memela

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