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DUT Welcomes Mr Sipho Ngidi as Interim Director: Human Resource Management

DUT Welcomes Mr Sipho Ngidi as Interim Director: Human Resource Management

Mr Sipho Cyprian Ngidi has recently been appointed as the Durban University of Technology’s interim Director for Human Resources. He has vast experience in shaping people and systems in the corporate sector.

In his career, Ngidi has worked in a number of disciplines with Human Resources Management being the main one. The appointment of Ngidi is for him to lead and shape the DUT Human Resources Services, in line with the University’s strategic objectives.

Although he (Ngidi) retired from Corporate Employment in 2010, however, he said he was delighted to be back in Durban. “It is truly an honour to be appointed to guide DUT for a period of six months, it is even more exciting for me because I am back in Durban,” he said.

Speaking about his current position, Ngidi said his role was to ensure that the report from the Auditors on the University’s department of Human Resources was implemented and packaged properly. “My role is to convert the report into a well thought out technical plan and to see the initial phases of its implementation and to make sure that the technical plan are matched with the right source”.

According to Ngidi, DUT was being renewed and developing new energy and he aims to ensure that the team is properly resourced. Furthermore, he hopes the plan will take shape while he is still serving the University.

The father of three (two sons and a daughter) hails from Northern KwaZulu-Natal’s Maphumulo but grew up in Umlazi Township. He holds a B Administration from the University of Zululand and a B Com Economics (Honours) from the University of Natal. He is a board member of the University of Witwatersrand Council and is the Chairperson of the Fibre Processing and Manufacturing SETA, Ithala Limited Human Resources Social and Ethics Committee; Reatile Timrite Human Resources Social and Ethics Committee to name but a few.


Pictured: The interim Director Mr Sipho Ngidi


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