Farai Feels Privileged to Have Been A DUT Student

Farai Feels Privileged to Have Been A DUT Student


This morning (Tuesday, 14 May 2019) Clint Jihma Farai was conferred Cum laude for his National Diploma in Taxation with Cum at the Fred Crookes Sports Centre, Steve Biko Campus in Durban.

The Zimbabwean-born Farai said passing with Cum Laude was a dream come true. “I am so happy that all my hard work has paid off and I have something that my parents can brag about,” he said ecstatically.

He relocated from Zimbabwe to complete his schooling and grew up in South Africa. For him coming to this country was not challenging in terms of adjusting to his new surroundings because his mother was already living here, and it was relatively easy for him to adapt to his new home.

Initially he wanted to do Accounting at DUT but spaces were limited, so he decided to enrol in Taxation and fell in love with the course as time went by. He did add that getting into DUT was a bit challenging for him because he had to renew his permit but somehow his parents made sure that he got his permit to further his studies. “I was privileged enough to be a DUT student as I received a lot of support and resources from the institution, allowing me to pass well as a student,” he added.

Farai is forever grateful to his parents who were able to pay for his tuition fees and other expenses, whilst he was studying. That is what pushed him to work hard and pass all his modules because he wanted to make his parents proud by performing well and obtaining good results.

In the future, he wants to start his own company because he believes that it is best to be an entrepreneur, create job opportunities for other young graduates and help bring solutions to the high rate of unemployment in this country.

Pictured: Clint Jihma Farai.

Nomkhuleko Thutshini 

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