Final Year Nursing Students Make Their Pledge to the Profession

Final Year Nursing Students Make Their Pledge to the Profession

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The Durban University of Technology (DUT) final year Nursing students pledged their full commitment to the nursing profession during the Lamp-Lighting and Nurses Pledge Ceremony held at DUT’s Indumiso Campus on Tuesday, 11 December 2018.

This significant ceremony hosted by DUT’s Nursing Department marked the culmination of the student’s academic journey and the dawn of their professional careers as nurses. The event was attended by students, staff, parents and other key external stakeholders.

Speaking during the event, Nursing Department, Head of Department, Dr Thembelihle Ngxongo thanked parents for trusting the department with moulding their children into responsible and skilled young adults. “We would like to thank you for your contribution in raising these kids, you made our job easier as lecturers,” said Dr Ngxongo.

She commended students for their resolute commitment in their studies. “I know that it was not easy but you persevered despite all the challenges, and for that we salute you. Those challenges were there to panel beat you and check if you are ready for the future,” said Dr Ngxongo.

“Today you are at the crossroads and you need to decide which path you are going to take in your career. Today is not the end, but it is the beginning. Your parents have done their job and your lecturers have done their job, now it is up to you to decide what you want to do. The way you are going to move from here is what will determine your future,” she said.

She encouraged them to go out there and positively change the negative perceptions about the nursing profession.

Dr Ngxongo also added that the staff from the Nursing Department played an important role in nurturing these students to become what they are today. “To these students we are not just educators, but we are their fathers and mothers, and I know that our staff sacrificed a lot for them to succeed and for that I thank you,” she added.

Senior Lecturer from the Nursing Department, Dr Dudu Sokhela who was also a Guest Speaker unpacked the nursing profession pledge to students, reminding them that this is a serious commitment that they are undertaking to render services to human life.

“You are not better than the patient, but you are there to serve the patient. Today you are committing to do this with conscience and honesty. You will maintain, by all means in your power, the honour and noble traditions of your profession, and some of those noble traditions are competence as well as respect for your own self and others, she said.

“We need to practice patient centred care. Also remember that the word patient does not replace human. Congratulations and good luck and please support each other,” Dr Sokhela added.

Head of the Programme, Dr Nolundi Radana unpacked the meaning of lamp lighting to students. “The lamp in your hand is the symbol of your commitment to caring for your patients. A beacon of comfort and kindness, gentleness and courage, unchanging devotion to duty. It’s an indication that you are prepared to develop your profession and to practice in the light of sciences which are building blocks of medical and nursing sciences,” she said.

As part of the ceremony students also received awards in recognition of their academic excellence, leadership and exemplary good conduct. The following students were recognised; SE Mhlongo, S Shange, Z Mthembu, TA Anderson, N Msibi, MZP Mhlanga, W Ballim, SN Duma, M Kikine and K Myeza.

Speaking on behalf of students Wassim Ballim expressed gratitude to lecturers and all staff from the Nursing Department for their contribution towards moulding them into confident and skilled young professionals.

Pictured: SE Mhlongo and his mother flanked by Dr Thembelihle Ngxongo (left) and Dr Dudu Sokhela (right).

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