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Never think it is too early to start, this goes for anything and everything, be it studying, preparing, or seeking help,” said Nomcebo Siziba.  

Siziba (21) from Greytown, obtained Cum Laude and Dean’s Merit Award for her Diploma in Shipping and Logistics and will be graduating at the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Virtual Summer Graduation 2021 on Wednesday, 01 December 2021. 

Siziba said that moving to student residence taught her intensively about self-discipline and to be responsible for herself.   

“Throughout my journey at DUT, I have always consulted with my lecturers if there was ever anything that I did not understand in class, and I would also consult with other top achieving students that were doing the same course as I was (that were a year ahead of me this was mainly because I believe that as an individual you should always associate yourself with people who are where you want to be). In my time at DUT I was a member of the house committee for two years (2019 & 2020), the training I received from the training sessions we had, gave me life lessons that I carry with me every day,” she said. 

This achievement did not come as a surprise for Siziba since she had been working hard since 2018. She stresses that associating herself with those senior to her, encouraged her to work even harder. Siziba successfully obtained 22 distinctions respectfully and revealed that her family is overwhelmed with joy since she will be the very first graduate in the family.    

“I am not sad that the graduation will be virtual as I am not really a person who likes being in the spotlight, so the virtual graduation did save me from the awkward moment of having to walk on the stage. I somehow feel like COVID-19 is teaching us to be cost efficient, because I would have had to spend money on the graduation outfit plus transport money for my family to come all the way from home to witness the graduation whilst now, they can get to witness it with just a click of a button and with no extra costs,” said Siziba. 

She is currently doing her internship at a shipping agency and hopes to look into teaching after she has enhanced her knowledge in the industry. Siziba intends on enrolling for an Advanced Diploma in Shipping and Logistics, with a hope of getting funding soon.

“To ensure you get the most out of your career, start looking for opportunities before you graduate. For example, start seeking companies that you can volunteer at to gain experience, this will help you to complete your qualification on time and gain knowledge about the industry. The sooner you look for opportunities; the greater chance you have of getting an internship even before your final year,” said Siziba.

Pictured: Nomcebo Siziba  

Nikiwe Sukazi

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