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Funding Challenges Motivated Zondi To Get Best Results

Funding Challenges Motivated Zondi To Get Best Results

Meet Mhlonipheni Zondi, a Public Management graduate, who used his challenges as his motivation tool to obtain top marks for his National Diploma in Public Management.

The rural boy of KwaMpumuza, also known as Sweetwater, Pietermaritzburg, who is one of the four siblings raised by his mother’s domestic work salary and the absence of his father due to his job in the South African Defence, graduated cum laude yesterday (Thursday) 14 April 2016, at the FJ Sithole Hall, DUT Indumiso Campus.

“My hard work has paid off. I studied day and night with the aid of my classmates to pass and I am grateful to the almighty that not only did I pass but I excelled,” said Zondi.

Zondi’s love for Public Management began while he was studying a Computer Practise course after failing to obtain funding to study at DUT after his matric. Instead of sitting at home, he did went and studied what his parents could afford at the time while raising money for him to enroll at DUT the following year. “I remember in class we were discussing current affairs then my lecturer advised that I should follow a career in Public Management. It is then that I worked hard and decided to apply for it and my parents and brother raised funds for me to register,” said Zondi.

Although Zondi had registered to study at DUT with the hope that he would get funding from NSFAS, he continued with his studies even when he could not and focused on getting good results.

“The more rejections I received, the harder I pushed. That was like motivation for me to take my studies seriously. In my second year, I was awarded for being the top student in two of my modules. My lecturer, Mrs Phoswa, continuously motivated me to do good and believed in me and that also pushed me to strive for nothing but excellence so that I did not disappoint all the people who had faith in me,” said Zondi.

Zondi is currently doing his Bachelor of Technology in Public Management degree and has faith that his future is brighter than the present. “It has become very clear to me that my positive attitude will not only make my present life easy but also create a brighter future then the present,” he said.

– Noxolo Memela

Pictured: Mhlonipheni Zondi

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