Dr Buhlebenkosi C Maphosa Profile Buhlebenkosi C Maphosa (Zimbabwe)

Email: buhlebenkosi_maphosa@yahoo.co.uk

PhD, 2018

Bio: Buhlebenkosi C Maphosa has lectured at Solusi University specializing in gender, peace, security, development and human rights, and She holds a of Bachelor of Arts In Peace & Conflict Studies-Minor in Development Studies (Solusi University), Bachelor of Social Science Hons in Monitoring & Evaluation (Lupane State University, Zimbabwe), Master of Social Science in Development Studies (Lupane State University, Zimbabwe), Her PhD thesis focused gender based violence. Her current research involvement includes issues of Public Health & Peace building, Security & development, Gender mainstreaming in policy issues.

Dr. Robert Turyamureeba Robert Turyamureeba (Uganda)

Email: rturyamureeba@gmail.com

PhD, 2017

Bio: Robert Turyamureeba is a Post-Doctoral Researcher with Refugee Youth Volunteering Uganda (RYVU) project. The project was established through funding awarded from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) See https://ryvu.org/. Robert is both a practitioner and an academic; he is a visiting lecturer of Research Methodology at Virtual University of Uganda: https://virtualuni.ac.ug/.

Nomvula Sikakane Nomvula Sikakane (South Africa)

Email: n.sikakane@yahoo.com

Masters, 2017

Bio: Lecturer  at Rosebank College and currently pursuing a PhD at Wits School of Governance researching on young men’s perceptions of sexual consent in intimate relationships.

Ntombizakhe Moyo-Nyoni. Ntombizakhe Moyo-Nyoni (Zimbabwe)

Email: zakhemoyo@gmail.com

PhD, 2016

Bio: Lecturer in Peace Studies at Midlands State University. Also an independent consultant in peacebuilding. Research interest is in peace education, conflict transformation, gender based violence and action research.

Babatunde Adeyanju Oyinloye Babatunde Adeyanju Oyinloye (Nigeria)

Email: johnolaoluwa@gmail.com

PhD, 2019

Bio: Babatunde Adeyanju Oyinloye PhD 2019, is the Head, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies at Afe Babalola University Ado Ekiti, Nigeria. The Department is the first in a conventional university to offer Peace and Conflict Studies at the undergraduate level up to the PhD level in Nigeria.

 Jean de Dieu Basabose Jean de Dieu Basabose (Rwanda)

Email : basajd@yahoo.fr/basabosejd@gmx.com

PhD, 2015

Bio: Jean de Dieu Basabose is the Co-founder of Shalom Educating for Peace in Rwanda and currently works as a Researcher for Whole Family Lab at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

 Ashton Murwira Ashton Murwira (Zimbabwe)

Email: murwirashie@gmail.com

PhD, 2019

Bio: Currently, I am employed as a Senior Lecturer in Political Science, in the Department of Political and Administrative Studies, Faculty of Social Studies, University of Zimbabwe.

 Theodore Mbazumutima Theodore Mbazumutima (Burundi)

Email: mbazetheo@yahoo.com

PhD, 2019

Bio: Director of a Burundian Peace Building Organisation –Rema Burundi, Theodore Mbazumutima is currently working on a number of projects related to research-based advocacy on durable solutions for Forced Migrants in the Great Lake Region.

 Charlene Singh Charlene Singh (South Africa)

Email: singhc@dut.ac.za

Masters, 2018

Bio: Lecturer at DUT in Child and Youth Care. With 18 years of experience in the field, Charlene has a fervid interest in facilitating the holistic well-being and development of children, youth, families and communities.

 Roya Varjavandi Roya Varjavandi (South Africa)

Email: iphupho@gmail.com

Masters, 2017

Bio: Roya Varjavandi is a lecturer in International Public Management at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Her interests include diversity, gender equality, student chaplaincy and comedy. She is involved in local community building activities inspired by the Bahá’í teachings.

 Cresencia Nyathi Cresencia Nyathi (Zimbabwe)

Email: cresencia.nyathi@gmail.com

Masters, 2017

Bio: Cresencia Nyathi is a PhD student in the International Centre of Nonviolence, Durban University of Technology. She has consulted with Africa Unite where she has worked with young people on migration, human rights, and social cohesion issues. Her work explores the factors leading young people to take part in violence labelled as xenophobic and in working with them to design intervention strategies that will promote nonviolent ways of resolving conflicts and enhancing social cohesion.

 Joseph Olusegun Adebayo Joseph Olusegun Adebayo (Nigeria)

Email: kingsegun!@gmail.com

PhD, 2015

Bio: Joseph Adebayo is a National Research Foundation (NRF) Innovation Fellow conducting peace journalism research. An interdisciplinary scholar, his studies examine the intersections between media reportage and societal peace and/or violence. Joseph is particularly interested in building journalists’ capacity to report elections in conflict-sensitive ways that would ensure peaceful democratic transitions and the integrity of electoral processes. His book, Reporting African Elections: Towards a Peace Journalism Approach, published by Routledge, provides practical steps to a conflict-sensitive reportage of elections in Africa, including a 17-point plan for a peace journalism approach to electoral reportage.

 Pearl Karuhanga Atuhaire Pearl Karuhanga Atuhaire (Uganda)

Email: pearlatuhaire@yahoo.com

PhD, 2018

Bio: Program Technical Programme Technical Specialist, heading the Ending violence against women and girls’ (EVAWG) Pillar at UN Women Office in Liberia. Pearl is a Women in International Security Fellow, 2017, Missing Peace Scholar Alumna 2018 and a Mandela Washington Fellow for Young African Leaders 2016. As a researcher, Pearl has published widely on issues of gender, peace and security.

 Dr. Rukuni Tinashe Rukuni Tinashe (Zimbabwe)

Email: trukuni@gzu.ac.zw

PhD, 2019

Bio: Lecturer in the Peace programme at Great Zimbabwe University since 2019. He is involved in peacebuilding efforts through the Zimbabwe Peace Gardening Trust – an organization which specializes in community peacebuilding. His research interests include the role of women and traditional leaders in conflict resolution and the use of nonviolent approaches in promoting peace.

 Lawrence Mhandara Lawrence Mahandara (Zimbabwe)

Email: lmhandara@gmail.com

PhD, 2018

Bio: Lawrence Mhandara is a senior lecturer in the Department of Political and Administrative Studies at the University of Zimbabwe. He is one of the peacebuilding, security and conflict management specialists in the Department.

 Dr. Shanyisa Milimu Wilkister Shanyisa Milimu Wilkister (Kenya)

Email:  wmilimu@yahoo.com

PhD, 2019

Bio: Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences and Development Studies. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya. Author gender activist.

 David Makwerere David Makwerere (Zimbabwe)

Email:  makwerere@webmail.co.za

PhD, 2017

Bio: David Makwerere is lecturing in the Department of Peace and Governance at Bindura University of Science Education, Zimbabwe. His research interests include civil society, social justice and social cohesion. He is working with state and non-government entities as part of extension services related to his area of research. He is a Trustee of the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Education Training Network (ZIPSET) and a Rotary Peace Fellow Alumnus (Rotary Peace Centre at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, 2018).

 Jean Chrysostome K. Kiyala Jean Chrysostome K. Kiyala (DR Congo)

Email: kljeanchrysostome@gmail.com

PhD, 2016

Bio: Chrys is an honorary research associate at the International Centre of Nonviolence based at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) in South Africa; Coordinator of The Great Lakes Region’s nascent Consortium of Universities running Postgraduate Programmes in Peacebuilding.

 Noel Kiiza Kansiime Noel Kiiza Kansiime (Uganda)

Email: kansiimenoel@gmail.com

PhD, 2019

Bio: I am a Committee member of the International Scientific Committee of Humanities and Social Sciences, Canada. I have recently worked in Somaliland as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Graduate Studies & Research, Gollis University, Hargeisa Somaliland.

 Dumisani Ngwenya Dumisani Ngwenya (Zimbabwe)

Email: dumiemngwenya@gmail.com

PhD, 2015

Bio: Co-founder and executive director, Grace To Heal, a peacebuilding organisation in Zimbabwe. Course director for the Applied Conflict Transformation Studies (ACTS) Africa, a PanAfrican master’s programme through action research.

 Isheachida Manatsa Isheachida Manatsa (Zimbabwe)

Email: ishemanatsa01@gmail.com

Masters, 2019

Bio:  PhD candidate researching ways of reducing violence in schools in Umlazi District, Durban.

 Innocent R. MADENGA Innocent R. Madenga PhD (Zimbabwe)

Email: irmadenga@gmail.com

PhD, 2017 

Bio: Lecturer in the Peace and Governance Department at Bindura University of Science Education. Teach Conflict Transformation, Civic Education and Public Policy and Management. An ardent advocate of an all-stakeholder participation in dealing with the trending Zimbabwean socio-economic and political crisis.

 Tinashe Innocent Tinashe Mutero (Zimbabwe)

Email: muteroinnocent@gmail.com

PhD, 2018

Bio: Tinashe is the co-founder and Director of Luthando Migrants and Refugee Centre, a social enterprise that works to empower and leverage the efforts of foreign nationals contributing towards South Africa’s transition to a more socially, politically, and economically viable nation.  https://luthando.org

 Mediel Hove Mediel Hove (Zimbabwe)

Email: medielhove@yahoo.co.uk

PhD, 2016

Bio: Medial Hove is an Honorary Research Associate at the Durban University of Technology and an Associate Professor in the Department of History at the University of Zimbabwe focused on international conflicts, peacebuilding (including nonviolence), disaster and risk reduction and human and state Security.

 Tlohang W. Letsie Tlohang W. Letsie (Lesotho)

Email: lohangletsie@gmail.com

PhD, 2018

Bio: Senior lecturer and head of the Department of Political and Administrative Studies at the National University of Lesotho. His research interests include the demilitarisation.

 Relebohile Ramakatsa Relebohile Ramakatsa (Lesotho)

Email: ramakatsar@yahoo.com

Masters, 2020

Bio: During my studies at the DUT, I have been involved in student leadership programmes that served as mediators between the university management and the students. Most notable was becoming the president of the Postgraduate Association (PGA), My research involved working with teenagers at a school in Umbilo, helping them realize their potential and ensuring hope for the future through the pursuit of higher learning and becoming role models for their infants.

Hailey Hailey Fudu (South Africa)

Email: haileyfudu@gmail.com 

Masters, 2017

Bio: Hailey Fudu is the Director of Simanyene United which has started the Ubuntu Wellness Project at Pineville Junction. She is also the Secretary of Religions for Peace South Africa and an active member of the Baha’i Community. Her projects and community building activities focus on collaborating with various individuals and organisations to help empower both youth and their families. The programmes she hosts focus on balancing emotional, social, spiritual and physical well-being through exercise, teambuilding, prayer, meditation and service. 

Rodgers Rodgers Dumizulu Manungo (Zimbabwe)

Email: rmanungo@gzu.ac.zw

PhD, 2018

Bio: Rodgers Manungo has been a lecturer in the area of Peace Studies for close to 20 years, with Solusi University, and recently joined Great Zimbabwe University. His areas of interest are Action Research, Sports, Re-integration and Youth.


Oseremen Oseremen Felix Irene (Nigeria)

Email: osereme1@gmail.com

PhD, 2015

Bio: President of the Global Alliance for Ministries &Infrastructures for Peace and Nigerian Alliance for Peace (NAP). Oseremen is the Executive Director of the Centre for Peace & Rehabilitation of Displaced Persons.


Mazambi Mazambi Theophile  (DRC)

Email: mukambilwa2005@yahoo.co.uk

Masters , 2014 

Bio: He has worked as Deputy Principal in Uvira/DRC, worked for five years as the coordinator of the Refugee Pastoral Care an Archdiocese of Durban NGO advocating for the rights of Asylum-seekers and refugees in KZN, the Centre for Economic Governance and AIDS in Africa (CEGAA) as a data collector for the National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA) throughout South Africa and  with the O’NEILL INSTITUTE for National and Global Health Law from GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY,USA under the project: HIV Development Partners Impact on the family level, South Africa. In 2019 worked for ALPS RESILIENCE as community facilitator for the People2People dialogues in INK (Inanda, KwaMashu and Ntuzuma) Townships in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Mazambi Theophile facilitates Healing of Memories workshops for the Institute for Healing of Memories and is a volunteer at the KwaZulu-Natal refugee Council (KZNRC) in Durban. 

Dube Dube Donwell (Zimbabwe)

Email: Donwelldube@gmail.com

PhD, 2018

Bio: Donwell Dube is the coordinator of the Peace and Security Studies program at Lupane State University in Zimbabwe. He is a member of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission’s Research and Knowledge Management committee and a consultant in peacebuilding.


Jean Jean Bosco Nsengiyumva Binenwa (Rwanda)

Email: boscobine19811@gmail.com `

PhD, 2016

Bio: Director, Graduate School & Research Directorate, Kampala University (KU), 2013 to date. Active consultant in surveys and advisory services related to governance focusing on corruption, peacebuilding, and other areas related to public administration, in collaboration with Transparency International Rwanda, Rwanda National Unity and Reconciliation   Commission, Ministry of Justice and Civil Society Platform.


Diaku Diaku Dianzenza (DR Congo)

Email: diakudianzenza@gmail.com

PhD, 2016

Bio: I am involved in an international organization that deals with humanitarian assistance as a Peace Officer helping with Peace resolution of differences within the organization and train members on peace aspects. 


Olubunmi Olubunmi Damilola Akande (Nigeria)

Email: dammy_74@yahoo.co.uk

PhD, 2019

Bio: Current activity: Lecturing in the Department of Politics and International Relations, Lead City University, Ibadan and also actively involved with research on insecurity and peace research methodology. 


Zimuto Prince Zimuto  (Zimbabwe)

Email: pzimuto@yahoo.com

PhD 2020

Bio: Prince holds a Bachelor of Laws form the University of Fort Hare. He also holds a Masters degree in International Law from the same university. His PhD research focused on violent service delivery protests in South Africa. 


Ntholeng Ntholeng D. Molefi (Lesotho)

Email: ntholengmolefi@gmail.com

Masters, 2020

Bio: A professional Corrections Officer and Endorsed National Chaplain for Lesotho Correctional Service with 20 years of experience in Rehabilitation of offenders and Restorative Justice. Also an independent consultant in peacebuilding and restorative justice. His interests include restorative justice, crime prevention, peace education, sexual and gender based violence (SGBV), conflict transformation.