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Broad Research Areas

Water and wastewater treatment and beneficiation

Algal Biotechnology

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Specific Projects

Doctoral and Masters Degree Positions Available for Cold plasma, laser and ultrasonic disinfection of water

Current disinfection methods do not address issues such as cleaning in place of pipes, broad-scale inactivation and disruption of synergistic microbial activities. Also not considered are potential and unknown pathogens that are currently not screened for and are not actively assessed for their possible threat. To address these issues our aims are to investigate new technologies that have shown application in other fields or have the potential to produce antimicrobial effects and have a low incidence of microbial adaptation, to disinfect water.

We will thus to investigate cold plasma, piezoelectric generated ultrasound and high energy pulsed laser to disinfect water of pathogenic organisms. We will also investigate applying multiple technologies together in order to investigate synergistic effects to broaden the antimicrobial spectrum and to produce a more efficient disinfection system. The major outcome of the technology development is to produce working prototypes of successful technologies with developed disinfection protocols.

Should you wish to study in an exciting area of technology development and possible patents in applied science, please forward:

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To: Dr FM Swalaha

Email: fswalaha@dut.ac.za

Tel: 031 373 2689