Research Group Start-up Workshop

Participants and Presentations

Dr Bloodless Dzwairo (Institute for Water and Wastewater Technology)

Host – Prof Fred AO Otieno (DVC: TIP)

The workshop took place on 15-16 August 2012 at Steven Biko Campus, Research Boardroom.

Objectives of the workshop were:

  • To brief the Water Quality Modelling Research Group on the Post Doctoral research focus and how each student’s research topic contributed towards the Post Doctoral outputs.
    • Prof Fred Otieno
  • To build team spirit among students and supervisors: Presentations
    • Prof Fred AO Otieno – DVC: Technology, Innovation and Partnerships and Host of research at DUT
    • Dr Bloodless Dzwairo – Post Doc Fellow and research leader at DUT Institute for Water and Wastewater Technology
    • Prof George M Ochieng’ – Associate Professor and supervisor at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT): Civil Engineering Department
    • Prof Innocent Nhapi – Co-supervisor at University of Zimbabwe: Civil Engineering Department
    • Mr Innocent Rangeti – MTech student at DUT: Environmental Department
    • Mr Eugine Makaya – DTech student at DUT: Civil Engineering Department
    • Mr Nkwonta Onyeka – DTech student at DUT: Civil Engineering Department
    • Mrs Annatoria Chinyama – DTech student at TUT: Civil Engineering Department
    • Mr Talent D Banda – MTech student at TUT: Civil Engineering Department
    • Mr Ramogale C Sekwele – prospective student
    • Mr Mabaso Magezi – DTech student at TUT: Department of Environmental and Earth Sciences (registration in progress)
  • To expose the team to Vaal and Umgeni basins research needs, from a stakeholder’s perspective: Presentations
    • Prof Faizal Bux: Director at the Institute for Water and Wastewater Technology, DUT. He welcomed the participants
    • Ms Kim Hogdson: Umgeni Water (Water Quality Management) presented information on uMngeni and Msunduzi catchments’ raw water quality challenges, as well as the water quality management needs and challenges
    • Rachi Rajagopaul, Sachita Budhram, Naheen Toolsee and Debbie Trollip: Umgeni Water (Process Services) presented on water and wastewater treatment process research needs
    • Prof Jannie Maree: Rand Water Professorial Chair in Water Utilisation at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Department of Environmental, Water and Earth Sciences (Vaal basin research needs and challenges)
    • Prof Innocent Nhapi: SADC water research perspective through the WaterNet Professorial Chair portfolio
    • Prof Thor-Axel Stenstrom: an international perspective on water research
    • Mr Shabeer Khan and Mr Artwell Mhlope: Nagle dam research tour by Umgeni Water provided a perspective on Umngeni catchment and dam water quality and sampling, in addition to information regarding dam operation and management
  • To expose students to Postgraduate research tools and techniques
    • Prof Sibusiso Moyo: Director of Research and Postgraduate Support at DUT exposed participants to postgraduate financial matters and to DUT’s research focus
    • Dr Poovie Reddy: Head of Environmental Health and Community Health Studies at DUT, gave a talk on Research methodology from an environmental perspective
    • Dr Josiah Adeyemo: Senior Lecturer at DUT Civil Engineering Department sensitised students to the important of time management during postgraduate research as research design and methodology from an engineering perspective
    • Prof George M Ochieng’ talked on the importance of proper planning, data requirements and analysis, structure of dissertation and potential outputs
    • Prof Innocent Nhapi presented on literature review
    • Ms Avenal Finlayson: Postgraduate Librarian exposed students and supervisors to Postgraduate facilities at DUT and conducted practical sessions
  • To critique students work, all of which was still at the proposal stage
    • All Participants


Research Workshop Proceedings


Durban University of Technology
Rand Water Professorial Chair in Water Utilisation at Tshwane University of Technology, Department of Environmental and Earth Sciences

Future Activites

A second Research Workshop is planned for early next year (2013) to gauge and report on progress