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Magubane Publishes An African Sci-Fi Book

Magubane Publishes An African Sci-Fi Book

Durban University of Technology journalism alumnus, Khulekani Magubane has published an African sci-fi book, that incorporates pop science fiction related to outer space and African belief systems which are associated to the stars.

Being the rarest (the book) of its kind, the book titled: “The Sirius Squad Earths Last Defence”, tells a story about a young man from Durban named Menzi who finds out the truth about himself and realises that he is one of the few things standing between the world and total destruction.

According to Magubane, the central theme of the Sirius start system is an important part of the beliefs of an ancient tribe from Mali called the Dogon. The Dogon in Mali somehow knew about the stars in the Sirius solar system before Nasa “discovered” them.

Magubane discovered his love for storytelling at a young age and had his first book published in 2005. His creative writing skills grew and with many other books being published since then, he hopes that his future remains rooted in writing.

“I want to work in the writing environment as much as I can, and see what can be accomplished. I have some plans for the near future that I will be revealing in due time. For now, I want to complete the Sirius squad series of books, launch a novel about online dating (by next year) and release some other titles I have been working on for the past five years,” said Magubane.

From his book, Magubane wants readers to learn that the African ancient culture, knowledge systems and faith systems are not any less than those from around the world.

“I also want people to know that Africans are capable of writing and telling great sci-fi, just like the developed world. I want people to know that this book is not only a great sci-fi book, but is also a great sci-fi book which finds its inspiration exclusively from African belief systems about the stars,” he added.

With research being his main challenge when writing this book, Magubane advises journalism students to get rooted in the news environment to familiarise themselves with the environment.

“Diplomas and degrees in Journalism are critical in getting a foot into the door, but the only way to become a truly great journalist is to actually do it,” said Magubane.

The book can be ordered via at just R80.

Pictured: Khulekani Magubane (DUT Journalism alumnus) shows off his book.

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