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Meet DUT’s Mr and Miss Green

Meet DUT’s Mr and Miss Green

The Green Campus Initiative (GCI) recently held its second Mr and Miss Green where two students were crowned as the latest ambassadors of the environmental initiative.

The competition was held at the Fred Crookes Sports Centre, Steve Biko Campus. Brian Ndimande was crowned Mr Green while Snethemba Madlala was crowned Miss Green. 

Noxolo Memela, DUT Media Officer, spoke to the two environmental ambassadors and this is what they had to day.

Noxolo:  Tell us about yourself?

Snethemba: I’m from Pietermaritzburg and am currently doing my second year in Analytical Chemistry. I love learning and am a socialite who loves dancing and experimenting new adventures.

Brian: I’m from Glencoe in Dundee. I am currently doing my first year in Taxation. I love playing chess, going out with my friends, reading books and doing research almost about everything that allows me to think and expand my knowledge about life and the world. I am a very curious person about life and the world. I hate negativity. I am always aiming to be the best that I can be and I love uplifting others and pushing them to be better people that they were than yesterday. 

Noxolo: Why did you enter Mr and Miss DUT GCI?

Snethemba: I entered this competition so that I can be an ambassador of change when it comes to the environment. People are not aware of their environment so I thought if I become the ambassador for GCI, I can make my peers aware about global and environmental issues we are faced with right now.

Brian: Firstly, I saw the competition as a great platform for me to speak out about the environment. Now that I have won, I hope to use this platform to get an understanding of my peers’ views on environmental issues. Once I have an understanding of their views, I will do my utmost best to gain more knowledge that I can share with them about preserving the environment whilst implementing that change that I want to see towards tackling environmental issues that we are facing as Africa.

Noxolo: Tell us five things people don’t know about you?

Snethemba: I am extremely shy but I do my best in hiding it. I come from a very poor family but that has never stopped me to push for everything that I have become and have today.

Brian: I am an entertainer. I cannot stand or handle negativity and people who are negative. I love motivating and encouraging people to be the best that they can be since I believe in greatness. I am a perfectionist; I would rather not do or commit myself to something if I will not give it my all. 

Noxolo: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Snethemba: I see myself managing my own orphanage, pursuing my career and owning property.

Brian: I see myself as one of the most powerful and influential people in Africa in terms of business, music and the modeling industry because it seems like my modeling career is going to great heights. I want to build a utopia whereby we come up with solutions to our problems in unity as Africans. I see myself as an advocate of peaceful solutions to the current state of Africa. I also see myself practicing what I am currently studying and studying further.

Noxolo: What are your ambitions, dreams and vision?

Snethemba: I want to be a good leader who makes a positive difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate than I am.

Brian: My dream is to see Africa as a united continent. I want to see my brothers and sisters of all races, culture and religion lifting each other and living as one. My vision is to achieve all that I want to be and learning new things as I grow in all aspects of my life.

Noxolo: Your last words?

Snethemba: #SaveWater #SaveLives Let’s go green. Live green and believe that green is the way of life. When you go green you grow.

Brian: Greening is something we should all partake in to save Mother Earth. Remember the earth does not belong to men, but men to earth and if our ancestors could live in harmony with Mother Nature, what’s stopping us.? #GoGreen or die trying.


 Pictured: Snethemba Madlala (Miss DUT GCI) and Brian Ndimande (Mr DUT GCI)

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