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Describing himself as an introvert, 25-year-old Lwazi Patrick Mfeka who is from uMkhunya, a rural area under the uMzinto township was determined from his first year of study to obtain the highest accolades possible at the Durban University of Technology (DUT).

The determined young lad will be graduating with Cum Laude with his National Diploma in Accounting at DUT’s 2022 Virtual Autumn Graduation ceremony on Friday, 13 May 2022.

When he heard of his achievement, Mfeka was not surprised to hear of his accomplishment.

“To be honest it was my wish from the start to graduate with Cum Laude. I’m really excited to see that my ‘can do’ attitude has made me achieve this,” he expressed jubilantly.

Mfeka confessed that his biggest inspiration is his grandmother who raised and taught him that with hard work all things are possible.

When he first told his grandmother and aunt about his accomplishment, they were so excited even though they did not understand what Cum Laude meant,” he chuckled.

Mfeka is also chuffed at the fact that he is the first person to be a graduate and obtain Cum Laude in his family.

When Mfeka arrived at DUT in 2018 to study for his National Diploma in Accounting, like many poor tertiary students, he faced the demon of financial constraints which proved a burden for him and his family. To this end, he would like to thank the DUT Alumni Office for selecting him based on his academic excellence and contributing in paying his fees.

“When I came to university, I was an introvert I did not want to join any political party, just focus on my studies. In my second year I became a mentor (tutor) under the DUT CELT Department which helped me to grow immensely. Assisting other students also helped me to be more focused and master my studies,” he said proudly.

Mfeka is planning to further his studies and continue with his Advanced Diploma in Accounting.

“I am planning to pursue an Advanced Diploma in Accounting, my Postgraduate Diploma followed by SAICA articles. I see myself as a qualified Charted Accountant in the next five years to come. After gaining necessary knowledge and experience in the industry I wish to start my own firm and contribute in creating employment for future generations,” he added.

For Mfeka, the secret behind every success is praying and working equally hard. One of the most valuable lessons he has learnt is to not compare oneself to anyone.

“It is important to understand your own uniqueness, appreciate your academic strengths and know what your capabilities are. Surround yourself with the right people who will support, motivate and push you to be the best vision of yourself,” he expressed.

Pictured: Lwazi Patrick Mfeka

Waheeda Peters

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