Technician: Mr Mohamed Jaafar Bux
Tel: 031 373 2567
Location: S3, Level0
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification(s): B.Tech: Chemical Engineering
Bio: I’m currently employed as a Technician by the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Durban University of Technology. I am registered with the engineering council as a Professional Engineering Technician. I have facilitated chemical operations maintenance courses at DUT and the Sulphuric and Phosphoric acid plant: Foskor. I have 15 years project supervisory, teaching and engineering experience. I was fortunate to work for 2 years, at Sasol; a prominent GTL plant in South Africa. I have also assisted with projects from the engineering consultancy companies, Inprosys, Atomic Engineering and Scientec Engineering. My areas of interest for research are water purification, anaerobic digestion, renewable energy technologies. I have completed the following qualification at DUT:

  • Bachelor of Technology: Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology: Environmental Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology: Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Technology: Management