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Nation Building through Effective Research Work

Nation Building through Effective Research Work

In a bid to teach lecturers how to add value in a given society, the Department of Computer and Information Science, Covenant University has organized a two-day seminar for the teaching cadre of the institution. The main aim of the seminar was to expand their scope of knowledge about research works that influences both the institution and the country as a whole.

Charging the participants at the College of Science and Technology Conference Room, the Guest Speaker, Professor Oludayo Olugbara from Durban University of Technology, South Africa, said it was important for researchers to address the question/problem that could bring solution to a given society.

According to him, “For any research work to be of value both within and outside the country, it must address the important question or problem faced by that given society. Try to understand your field and use standard domain of your research that will be useful internationally; understand your culture and field. Read wide and know about important findings,” he added.

Professor Olugbara also noted the requirements for a good research work. According to him “a research work must be original and inspiring, rigorous, must have sufficient data to justify sound statiscal conclusion”. Furthermore, Professor Olugbara, explained that before a research work could be of value, the researcher must also possess certain qualities that would include the ability to study well, write well and edit well.

In applying a systematic approach during any research work, Professor Olugbara urged the participants to follow the process required of a good research work. In his words, “Always begin with the problem. Give reasons based on the literature to prove relevance of the problem, identify possible applications, and provide evidence from the literature to support every decision made to solve the problem. Provide enough details, explain how the problem was studied, and discuss how the method will solve the problem”.

Concluding his presentation, the Guest Speaker urged the participants to collaborate with international authors to grow the University because it leads to knowledge transfer. He also urged the University to open research accounts for researchers towards the fulfillment of Vision 1 of 10 in 10.

– This story and picture is courtesy of Covenant University

Pictured: Professor Oludayo Olugbara, a Professor within the Department of Information Technology at DUT.

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