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Nsele’s Visit to a Power Hydro Station ‘Lit’ His Academic Path To Electrical Engineering

Nsele’s Visit to a Power Hydro Station ‘Lit’ His Academic Path To Electrical Engineering

The Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Musawenkosi Nsele will this afternoon (Wednesday, 4 September 2019) graduate Cum Laude for his Bachelor of Technology Degree in Engineering: Electrical (H/C) at the Spring Graduation ceremony held at the Fred Crookes Sports Centre.

The jubilant Nsele was honoured for his accolade, adding that all his hard work had paid off. “It feels like a validation for all the long hours I put in the library and late nights,” he said excitedly.

For the course of Engineering was always fascinating, especially learning more about the engineering of cars. “This programme is about Electrical Engineering and the theories involved in the development of the various technologies involved in controlling, generating, monitoring and maintaining the Electrical power system. I want to be a professional engineer, especially in the department of research and development or maintenance and projects,” he said.

Nsele did admit his road to DUT was not an easy path. After High School, he confessed he had felt lost and had no real passion for anything. “Until my father took us for a visit at the Drakensberg Pumped Storage Unit, a Hydro Power station outside Bergville. That day my eyes lit up and I fell in love with everything Electrical Engineering. Although my matric marks were not great it just meant that my path would be longer and different,” he added.

The toughest parts for him was the unsolved equations, theories that one sometimes can get stuck on and begin to fixate on repeatedly for a few days.

Nsele encourages those interested in doing the course to do so at DUT. “The trajectory of the course is great it’s moving with the time and includes design softwares in the curriculum which is great to know early in your studying,” he said.

Going forward, he aims for his Professional Registration, GCC, MBA and a PHD in 15 years’ time.

Pictured: Musawenkosi Nsele

Waheeda Peters

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