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DUT: Community Engagement Day

DUT: Community Engagement Day

The Journalism Programme at the Durban University of Technology is hosting its annual Community Engagement Day. This will take place on Wednesday, 28 May 2008, at the City Campus (Arthur Smith Hall) from 08h30 to 14h00. The programme is themed “Sustainability in Society”. The aim is to promote the wellbeing of society and work done by NGO’s/CBO’s to sustain and strengthen society.

Various NGO’s have been invited to present and enlighten the students about the mission and goals of their organisations, and to speak about the effects their organisation has in strengthening and sustaining society . The programme aims to motivate journalism students into playing a more active role towards activities that advance and uplift society. Those in attendance will be able to interact with the participants and view presentations and materials in the form of displays and handouts by the various NGO’s / CBO’s.

For more information, contact:

Prinola Govender
Durban University of Technology (City Campus)

Tel: 031 373 6614
Fax:031 373 6623