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DUT: Fashion student scoops first prize for national design competition

DUT: Fashion student scoops first prize for national design competition

Media statement by Nomonde Mbadi, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs

Jane Wolff, second year student in Fashion and Textiles at the Durban University of Technology, recently won first place in the ‘No Kak Environmentally Friendly Design Competition 2008′ which took place in Cape Town. She received a laptop and a digital camera.

The National Cleaner Production Centre hosted natural and organic products exhibition which basically showcases and promotes 100% organic products. Everything had to be natural. The competition was a huge event that took four days.

Wolff entered two storyboards, a formal outfit and a casual one. The organisers chose the more casual outfit, which consisted of a demin jacket, jeans and a blouse. They supplied the hemp demin which she used for the jacket and trousers. The blouse was made up of 100% silk chiffon.

The slogan for her garment range was “Set me free” and the logo was an image of a women’s face with butterflies, which was designed by herself and her friend, Craig Seagreen, a final year DUT graphic student.

“I drew my inspiration from our current situation in Southern Africa and how we are striving to come together as a united population. I used butterflies as a symbol for their grace and elegance as well as their symbolic connotations towards rebirth and freedom,” commented Wolff.

It was a national competition and the judges chose 14 finalists out of 250 storyboards. She says that the competition was strong and all students were really lovely people and very supportive.

“The win gives me a sense of confidence I did not have before, although it also comes with a sense of responsibility and pressure for next year,” said ecstatic Wolff.

She found it was amazing to have personal input from such a well established and successful designer, Gavin Rajah, who personally wrote to each finalist and constructively criticized all of their garments.

For comment, please contact Jane Wolff on 0764127302.