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I love teaching, its what I do

I love teaching, its what I do

Media statement by Nomonde Mbadi, Executive Director: Corporate Affairs

Miss Anisa Vahed has been recognised by the Dental Technology Association of South Africa (DENTASA), as their Educator of the Year at their Annual General Meeting recently held in Johannesburg.

When asked how she felt about being recognized Anisa said “it was good to be acknowledged among other professionals in Dental Technology, it’s good that people see the worth in you.”

Vahed graduated from Technikon Natal in 1998 and later attained a Master’s Degree in Dental Technology. She dreamed of starting her own lab but fortunately soon found herself working as a Dental Technology lecturer at the Durban University of Technology (DUT). Here she worked herself “up the ladder” as a lecturer where she soon discovered her hidden passion. Vahed has been with the department for the past decade and has never regretted her decision of becoming a Dental Technology lecturer.

Head of Department of Dental Technology, Grant Somers, said “this award is a great honor, not only for Miss Vahed, but to the Durban University of Technology as well. Miss Vahed’s achievements have been acknowledged by the Dental Technology fraternity, and for that we are particularly proud”.

Vahed has been instrumental in creating learning games such the computerized Muscle Mania which is aimed at stimulating students’ thinking. “I found a niche area in game based teaching,” Vahed said.

Commenting on Vahed’s achievement Greg Bass, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences said “Anisa was recognized for her contribution to Dental Technology education in general and more specifically for her efforts in progressive and innovative teaching and for her general contribution to the Dental Technology industry.”

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