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The Emma Smith Art Scholarship Awards

The Emma Smith Art Scholarship Awards

Press Release from the Durban University of Technology’s Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of the Durban University of Technology is once again hosting, The Emma Smith Art Scholarship Awards that was founded by the Hon. C. G. Smith in April 1920 in memory of his mother. The scholarship is intended to benefit equally those who intend to become painters, sculptors, designers, art craftsmen and art educators. The amount available for this Scholarship is determined annually, at the beginning of the academic programmes of each year by the Executive Management of the Durban University of Technology. The prize money for this year’s winner is R25 000. The award ceremony and opening exhibition will be taking place on the 20th of November 2008, at the DUT Art Gallery, at 18:00.

Applicants from the following Departments have entered:

Fine Art

Jewellery Design

Fashion and Textile Design

Graphic Design

Interior Design

Architectural Technology


Video Technology

All participating candidates are given a space at the art gallery to display some of their best artworks along with a portfolio. The exhibition is then viewed by the competition judges for the final decision. At each viewing, the judges interview each candidate to learn more about their work.

The winner is announced on the same day at the award ceremony (the evening) following the adjudication.

For further information, please contact Bhekani Dlaminion (031) 373 2845 to facilitate the interview.