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Promoting Excellence in Accountancy

Promoting Excellence in Accountancy

The Southern African Accounting Association (SAAA), in partnership with the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics at the Durban University of Technology, are gearing up for the SAAA KZN Regional Conference set to take place on Wednesday, 30 November 2016, at the Elangeni Southern Sun Hotel, Durban.

The Conference aims to contribute towards the achievement of SAAA’s vision of promoting excellence in Accountancy research in Southern Africa’s higher education landscape.
Brian Ngiba, Financial Accounting Lecturer within the University’s Faculty of Accounting and Informatics, is the Conference Convener.

SAAA is an association striving to promote education and research, and the interests of educators and researchers, in the field of Accountancy. The organisation attains its objectives by holding conferences, meetings, discussions and seminars, publishing papers, seeking recognition as the representative body of accountancy academics in Southern Africa, and by such other means as it may from time to time deem suitable. As a consequence, all stakeholders in accountancy are brought together to shape the future of the Accountancy professions in Southern Africa.
By providing a regional research and information sharing platform, the Conference aims to give academics platform where they can play an active and leading role in the Accountancy Professions in the regional context.

The conference will cover the following accounting related disciplines:
– Accounting Education;
– Accounting Education and Research;
– Accounting History;
– Auditing and Internal Auditing;
– Corporate Governance;
– Ethics;
– Financial Accounting and International Accounting;
– Financial Management;
– Information Systems and Computer Auditing;
– Management accounting;
– Public Sector Accounting and Non-Profit Accounting;
– Social and Environmental Accounting; and
– Taxation.

Please follow the below link to register for the conference. Registration is free.

– Sinegugu Ndlovu
Pictured: The SAAA and DUT Faculty of Accounting and Informatics logos.

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