Envision 2030, our broadly benchmarked strategic blueprint, has set us on a journey of deliberate, purposeful dreams about a Society punctuated by mutually beneficial partnerships. Coated in the reality that spearheading a socioeconomic transformational landscape re-tilt – a task painstakingly arduous to embark on and complete – is a challenge we embraced as the DUT, in volunteering to host the 2021 Chapter of the SRLC-HE.


The collective DUT institutional commitment to the aspiration of a deepened risk culture remains an important priority. Informed by our natural-optimist posture, we are convinced that through the exchange of perspectives and/or ideas, such aspiration should cross-pollinate across the broader HE sector – as well as with industry. As such, committed to our decision to host the Strategic Risk Leadership Conversations in Higher Education (SRLC-HE), which had to be postponed from last December, we have now decided on a new date of 2-3 September 2021.

It is in this context then, that I am formally extending an invitation for your participation at our risk conference proceedings, this coming September. Specifically, as one of our esteemed delegates, through your attendance you will essentially be interacting – albeit virtually – with a myriad of thought leadership practitioners from a broad spectrum in terms of their background, experience and unique industry/sector expertise.

Concept Note
Important dates

  • 02 and 03 September 2021

Theme of the conference

Theme: Marrying the Science of Excellence with the Art of Risk (Leadership)
Venue : Virtual nd rd Date: September 02 -03 2021


Mr. Sikhuthali Nyangintsimbi at sikhuthalin@dut.ac.za