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Tears of Joy at the Midlands Graduation

Tears of Joy at the Midlands Graduation

The first ceremony of the Midlands campus’s graduation was evident that this was a time for proud parents, inspiration and happy people.

Cheers, struggle songs, whistle blowing and parents ululating were some of the sounds that could be heard from the FJ Sithole hall in Indumiso Campus. Parents and students were not the only ones that embraced this moment but even academics that had been part of the graduates’ journeys.

Addressing the newly graduated students, Professor Paul Green, Deputy Executive Dean of the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics congratulated the students on their achievement. “Congratulations to all the graduates, we are truly proud of you. Education is not preparation for life, but it is life itself so do not look at your graduation as the end because it is not,” he said.

Although graduation is a proud moment for most students, but the day is usually dedicated to the parents and guardians by their children. Nokulunga Ngcobo, a Office Management Technology graduate said she was honored to bring so much joy to her family.

“I am not just graduating for myself but this is for everyone who has traveled this journey with me, my mom, my grandparents and my lecturers. Without the assistance and support, I don’t think I would have managed,” said Ngcobo.

Like any parent, Ngcobo’s grandmother was speechless and all she could share as part of her excitement was tears. “Looking back where this child comes from, all I can do is thank the almighty God. He wasn’t putting us through the hardships but to show other families how to be resilient and persistent even when financial odds are against you,” said Mrs Ngcobo.

The first day of the midlands consisted of graduation ceremonies of the faculty of Arts & Design, Faculty of Accounting and Informatics and Engineering and the Built Environment. Graduation continues tomorrow (Wednesday, 26 April 2017). The session will begin at 10am.

Pictured: Graduates of the Faculty of Arts & Design.

Bongani Gema

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