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“A fun approach to Tooth Morphology”

This tutorial strategy assists 1st Year Dental Technology students to learn the morphological features of teeth. The board game is designed to promote literacy and retaining with understanding the content area of Tooth Morphology, a discipline that requires a significant amount of memorization, recall, association and application. The chief element of the board game is that the abstract content is merged with game characteristics and learners are able to repeat cycles within the game context, making them active participants in knowledge acquisition.

muscle_mania“Muscle Mania”

This leaning intervention assists 1st Year Dental Technology students to learn the structural and functional anatomy of the muscles of mastication and facial expression. Macromedia® Flash™ technology is used to provoke and engage students with the multiple choice questions, which are presented both in script and image forms. Interactive design mechanisms are also used where student success in the game is measured by linking student’s score to performance zones.

The Dental Technology education games will not replace a lecturer, mentor or tutor as they curriculum-matched innovative tutorials designed to supplement teaching and to help students’ learn in a fun yet effective manner.