School of Education Handbook
Fee Structure

Nature of Teaching

Teachers are the key contributors to the transformation process of education in South Africa. A teacher is a professionally trained person who is competent, dedicated, compassionate and caring. They will be able to fulfil the pastoral roles, being a leader, administrator, scholar, researcher, assessor, community member, a mediator of learning, designer of learning programmes and material and a life long learner.

Educatopma; Environments

Secondary schools are located at various places in our community. These include urban and rural environments. As an educator you will be required to you engage with learners in a school.

Each educator will spend hours assessing students work and need to give regular feedback. Reports on learners progress is done at the end of each term.

Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Values

The following are essential requirements:

  • Good English language skills
  • Knowledge in at least two learning areas that you will pursue in your study.
  • A positive attitude to teaching and learning
  • Good Human relationships
  • Concern for the upliftment of community and society


Employment Opportunites

On completion of the BEd [FET] you may apply to the DoE which controls National Education or choose to be employed at a private Institution. Graduates may also enrol for further study eg. BEd [Hons] study.

Programme Options

BEd [FET] Specialisations:

  1. Economics and Management Science
    • Accounting
    • Business Management
    • Computer Typing
    • Mathematics
    • Economics
  2. Natural Science
    • Biology
    • Mathematics
    • Physical Science
  3. Technology
    • Mathematics
    • Technology
    • Technological Design
    • Entrepreneurship



Bachelor of Education Entrance Requirements

Contact Information


Head of School: Dr Mzindle
Tel: 033 845 8927
Fax: 033 845 8936
Campus: Riverside Campus


Secretary: Ms U Rampersadh
Tel: 033 845 8927
Fax: 033 845 8936
Campus: Riverside Campus