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Global Advanced CI
Martial Arts Competition Ⅰ
Martial Arts Competition Ⅱ
JUNCAO Tech Training Programme
Prof Moyo met with CI Headquarter Deputy General Director, Mr Yu
Prof S Moyo – presented on an interactive discussion penal
Prof S Moyo and Mr Frank Lin Wu receiving the Award League Plate
Prof Moyo represented DUT in President’s Forum

Winer Camp Ⅰ

Winer Camp Ⅱ
Winer Camp Ⅲ
WoW career of exhibition Ⅰ
WoW career of exhibition Ⅱ
WoW career of exhibition Ⅲ
Durban Port Festival Ⅰ
Chinese Bridge Competition Ⅰ
Chinese Bridge Competition Ⅱ
Chinese Bridge Competition Ⅲ