6636_10928127340-1 ENG type production involves a single camera used on location. Most dramas, news events, magazine inserts and documentaries are shot in this style. ENG requires a large amount of pre- planning and post production.

Using a range of digital cameras, including the internationally preferred digital DVC Pro Panasonic camera, students gain valuable knowledge of a variety of cameras, their operation, and their unique properties.

By scripting, planning, shooting and directing their own programmes , students experience all aspects of television work, and this is one of the reasons why DUT Television School graduates enjoy such a high rate of employment, both by local and overseas broadcast stations and independent production houses.

ENG KITS comprise the following:

6 AVCHD camera kits
4 JVC HDV camera kits
3 P2 HD camera kits
2 Canon DSLR cameras
2 Go Pro cameras
Portable Audio Mixers
Kits consist of lapel and rifle microphones, booms and lighting kits.
In addition specialist kits include underwater camera housing and jimmy jib crane