Head of Department: Dr Madhu Maharaj
M.Tech. Hom (DIT) Cert. Ayurveda-Primary Health Care (UKZN)
Tel: 031 373 2481
Email: madhum@dut.ac.za
Dr Maharaj obtained her Master’s Degree in Homoeopathy from the Durban Institute of Technology, and began her career as a lecturer soon afterwards. Her passion and drive for Homoeopathy is infectious, inspiring students to excel at her dynamically taught Materia Medica. Her lectures are imbued with the experience from her many years as a private practioner. She is a member of the Faculty Research committee and has specialised in supervising Masters research especially in the fields of Homoeopathic Pathogenic Trials and Group analyses. She also holds a certificate from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in Ayurveda. Apart from her busy private practice and HOD duties, Dr Maharaj is a National Board member at Homoeopathic Association of South Africa. Dr Maharaj has also presented Homoeopathic research at LMHI conferences internationally.


Senior Lecturer: Dr Cornè Hall
M.Tech. Hom (TN) B.Sc. (PUCHO)
Tel: 031 373 2483
Email: corneh@dut.ac.za
Dr Hall’s forte is lecturing Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Paediatrics to Masters students in the 5th year. She encourages her students to develop discipline, integrity and steadfastness, ensuring students are fully equipped clinically to enter the world of private practice. She also coordinates and lectures Faculty General Education to students from various departments in the Faculty of Health Sciences, in particular Personal and Professional Development modules. She is currently studying towards a Master’s degree in Public Health and has extensive experience in research supervision at a Masters level. Dr Hall has also travelled internationally to present research.


Lecturer: Dr Ingrid Couchman
M.Tech. Hom (DIT)
Head Clinician Kenneth Gardens Community Health Centre
Tel: 031 373 2482
Email: ingridc@dut.ac.za
Dr Couchman is constantly motivating and upgrading her level of delivering lectures – using board games and other interactive methods to develop teamwork, community engagement and fun learning. Her niche is in lecturing Clinical Homoeopathy and facilitating students to develop practically at the Kenneth Gardens Homoeopathic Community Clinic where she serves as the dedicated Head Clinician. She has published three articles in various journals and has presented research internationally. Dr Couchman is also a member of the Health and Safety Committee, Faculty Research Committee (FRC), co-ordinator of the Departmental Research Committee and supervises Masters level research at DUT.


Lecturer: Dr. Jabu Ngobese-Ngubane
M.Tech. Hom (DUT)
Centre Director
Head clinician: Ukuba Nesibindi Homoeopathic Community Health Centre
Tel: 031 373 2484
Email: jabulilen@dut.ac.za
Dr. Ngobese-Ngubane is a community driven, focused lecturer determined to uplift and empower her students to be responsible and dedicated to their cause of helping others, by leading by example. She has been with the Department of Homoeopathy since 2006 – lecturing various subjects and leading the Community Health Centre, Ukuba Nesibindi, with much enthusiasm and dedication. Dr Ngubese-Ngubane supervises Masters Research, has presented at International congress and other events promoting the impact of Homoeopathy and its role in society.


Homoeopathic Department Secretary (Academic): Mrs. Ragani Bunsee
Tel: 031 373 2514
Email: raganib@dut.ac.za
Mrs Bunsee joined DUT in 1999 as the secretary in the Education Department. She has worked in the Departments of Child & Youth Development, Somatology and Basic Medical Sciences. She also recently joined the department of Homoeopathy. Her secretarial skills and training is evident in the meticulous planning and the positive approach she has to problem solving and time management. She is responsible for assisting all academic queries (student and staff) and intake of students through the CAO System and always approachable and eager to assist.

Homoeopathic Community Health Centre Secretary: Mrs. Sharon Brecher
Tel: 031 373 2513
Email: sharonb@dut.ac.za
Mrs. Brecher (or more affectionately called ‘’Mrs. B’’ by the staff and students) is a trained nurse who formerly worked at the Entabeni Hospital for 16 years. Following that, Mrs. Brecher then worked at the radiology laboratories at Lake Smit and Partners for 6 years, before joining the Homoeopathic Clinic as the secretary in 1995. She is disciplined in her duties, overseeing the operational and administrative aspects of the Homoeopathy Community Health Centres at the Durban University of Technology.


Community Health Centre Receptionist: Gugulethu Mkhwanazi
Tel: 031 373 2041
Email: gugulethuM@dut.ac.za
Mrs. Mkhwanazi is the ever friendly, efficient receptionist – booking patient appointments and facilitating other administrative tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of the Centre. She has greatly influenced the student experience with her warm smile, kind words and encouragement since 2006, when she began her duties with the Department.



Specialist Laboratory Technician: Dr Shraddha Brijnath
M.Tech. Hom (DUT)
Tel: 031 373 3002
Email: shraddhab@dut.ac.za
Dr Brijnath completed her Masters Degree in Homoeopathy in 2013 whilst working at the Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine. In 2014, Dr Brijnath joined the Department of Homoeopathy as the laboratory technician, and works consistently in the production and dispensing of homoeopathic pharmaceuticals for both clinical and research use. She has completed further studies to ensure product quality and safety, and is part of the Faculty Health and Safety Committee. She currently supervises Masters Research with her special interest in Homoeopathic remedy preparation and nanotechnology.