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The Department of Dental Sciences will constantly strive to:

    “Developing Holistic Dental Professionals Responsive To Oral Healthcare Needs” through excellence in:

  • *Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • *Research, Innovation, Engagement
  • *Entrepreneurship



To sustain professional expertise and engender ethical behaviour

To practice and uphold moral principles, truthfulness and honesty

To be liable for one’s decisions, commitments and actions

To embody mutual respect, dignity, empathy and altruism

To effectively work together towards common goals


Definition of Terms

Dental Technician shall mean any person who is registered as a dental technician in terms of Section 18 of the Act, who may not work without supervision and who is in possession of the National Diploma in Dental Technology.

Dental Technologist shall mean any person who is registered as a dental technologist in terms of Section 18 of the Act; who may undertake supervision of a laboratory or operate a laboratory for own account and who shall be in possession of the B.Tech: Dent. Tech.

What is a University of Technology

A university of technology is characterised by being research informed rather than research driven where the focus is on strategic and applied research that can be translated into professional practice. Furthermore, research output is commercialised thus providing a source of income for the institution. Learning programmes, in which the emphasis on technological capability is as important as cognitive skills, are developed around graduate profiles as defined by industry and the professions.


Dental Technology programme:

Dental Assisting programme

A Higher certificate in Dental Assisting, full-time, 1 year programme. Dental assistants require a variety of diverse skills ranging from secretarial to clinical skills. They are involved in everything from reception duties to data capturing, dealing with patients and medical aid schemes, however their primary task is assisting the dentist with dental procedure be it surgical, impression taking for dentures, orthodontics, fillings or extractions. One of the most important functions of a Dental Assistant is infection control, ensuring the proper sterilization of instruments and ultimately making sure that all the necessary precautions have been taken to ensure patient, dental assistant and dentist are protected. Students will register for a Higher Certificate in Dental Assisting, which will be run over two semesters. They will also be registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as student dental assistants.


Postgraduate Qualifications:

  1. Master of Health Sciences in Dental Technology

This is a full research qualification at NQF level 9. T where the student will conduct independent research under guidance in Dental Technology, and contribute to knowledge production in that field. Contact the department for further enquiries.  The minimum duration of the programme is one (1) of study and the maximum duration is three (3) years of study.

  1. Doctor of Dental Technology programme is a research-intensive qualification at an NQF level 10. Contact the department for further enquiries.


Programmes offered by the Department

Programmes are offered in this Department which, upon successful completion, lead to the award of the following qualifications:

Qualification SAQA NLRD Number
HC: Dental Assisting (HCDNA)[73492]
MHSc: Dental Technology (MHDNT1)[72095]
DTech: Dental Technology (DTDNT1)[72095]

Counselling and Health
Financial Aid
HIV and Aids Centre
Academic Development – Dr Celenkosini Thembelenkosini Nxumalo,
Email address: CelenkosiniN@dut.ac.za


Entry Requirements

Higher Certificate in Dental Assisting Entrance Requirements
Master of health sciences technology: Dental Technology
Doctor of Technology Dental Technology Entrance Requirements

Applications to: Central Applications Office (C.A.O)

Contact Information

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