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The Department of Dental Sciences will constantly strive to:

  • provide the best Dental Technology and Dental Assisting educational training on the African continent
  • be an educational leader in our fields
  • provide holistic education in preparing students practically for the working environment
  • enhance the development of Dental Technology and Dental Assisting as a profession in South Africa
  • to develop our research base so as to be the leading Dental Technology and Dental Assisting research institutions in Africa
  • to develop community outreach programmes that serve the indigent population of Africa.



  • providing our students with the highest levels of tertiary education in the teaching of our disciplines
  • promoting research, initiating, supporting and undertaking research in the Dental field
  • providing community service to the indigent population especially in specialized fields where this service is not available to the communities
  • striving towards excellence in all our activities
  • maintaining the highest ethical standards in our relationships with our students as well as the dental community at large
  • promoting the spirit of free enterprise and initiative
  • working actively with the local industry in KwaZulu-Natal
  • employing Dental Technology lecturing staff with high academic qualifications
  • providing teaching laboratories of the highest standards in Africa.


Definition of Terms

Dental Technician shall mean any person who is registered as a dental technician in terms of Section 18 of the Act, who may not work without supervision and who is in possession of the National Diploma in Dental Technology.

Dental Technologist shall mean any person who is registered as a dental technologist in terms of Section 18 of the Act; who may undertake supervision of a laboratory or operate a laboratory for own account and who shall be in possession of the B.Tech: Dent. Tech.

What is a University of Technology

A university of technology is characterised by being research informed rather than research driven where the focus is on strategic and applied research that can be translated into professional practice. Furthermore, research output is commercialised thus providing a source of income for the institution. Learning programmes, in which the emphasis on technological capability is as important as cognitive skills, are developed around graduate profiles as defined by industry and the professions.


Programmes offered by the Department

Programmes are offered in this Department which, upon successful completion, lead to the award of the following qualifications:

Qualification SAQA NLRD Number
NC: Dental Assisting (NCDNA1)[72207]
ND: Dental Technology (NDDNT1)[72222]
BTech: Dental Technology (BTDNT1)[72124]
MTech: Dental Technology (MTDNT1)[72174]
DTech: Dental Technology (DTDNT1)[72095]


Entry Requirements

Higher Certificate in Dental Assisting Entrance Requirements
Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dental Technology Entrance Requirements
Bachelor of Technology Dental Technology Entrance Requirements
Master of Technology Dental Technology Entrance Requirements
Doctor of Technology Dental Technology Entrance Requirements

Applications to: Central Applications Office (C.A.O)

NOTE: Phase out of information for the NC in Dental Assisting

As gazetted in the Government Gazette, Vol. 613, No. 40123, 06 July 2016, the last date for first time entering students enrolling in academic programmes that are not aligned with the Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework is the 31st December 2019. This means that you will not be able to enroll for a non-aligned qualification at DUT, or at any other institution in South Africa after this date.

Contact Information

gumbiActing Head of Department: Mr T L Gumbi
Tel: 031 373 2031
Email: thobanig@dut.ac.za




All Departmental Enquiries: Email: dentalsciences@dut.ac.za
default-avatar-e1448374196642Secretary: Mrs R Sukhu
Tel: 031 373 2044
Fax: 031 373 2047
Email: sukhui@dut.ac.za
Location: Ritson Campus



default-avatar-e1448374196642Dental Assisting Mrs K Pillay
Tel: 031 373 5356
Fax: 031 373 5459
Email: kerushap@dut.ac.za



All Faculty Enquiries:
default-avatar-e1448374196642Ms Fowaidha Fazloodeen
Tel: 031 373 2701
Email: fowaidhaf@dut.ac.za
Location: Ritson Campus, MS 49



default-avatar-e1448374196642Ms Khanyisile Ntuli
Tel: 031 373 2446
Email: khanyisilen@dut.ac.za




default-avatar-e1448374196642Ms Linda Arnold
Tel: 031 373 2566
Email: lindaa@dut.ac.za