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The Department of Basic Medical Sciences is a service department within the Faculty of Health Sciences. It comprises three disciplines: Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, and Pharmacology.

Department Handbook
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Mission Statement

The Department of Basic Medical Sciences is committed to providing quality and innovative teaching through expertise in the disciplines of Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, and Pathology in the servicing of under-graduate and post-graduate programmes. The Department will endeavour to contribute to the research output within the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The Role and function of the Department

The department services programmes within the Faculty of Health Sciences by providing expertise in basic medical science courses. We do not offer any programmes of our own.

What is meant by a “Service Department”?

We provide subjects, at 1st, 2nd and 3rd year level that other departments require as prerequisites for their qualifications.
For example, Anatomy I and II and Physiology I and II are subjects offered by Basic Medical Sciences, which is needed in 1st and 2nd year in the department of Homeopathy in order to progress to the next level and eventually qualify as a Homeopathic Doctor. In this way we service the department of Homeopathy by providing these subjects.

Services offered by the department

  • Basic & Clinical / Applied Anatomy
  • Basic Physiology
  • Basic Pharmacology
  • Willed Body Donation Programme
  • Applied Anatomical Research
  • General and Systemic Pathology


The department of Basic Medical Sciences runs a “Willed Body Donation Programme” for more information you can contact our Senior Anatomy Technician, Mr A Mkhize, on 031 373 2420 or email


Central Applications Office Website (C.A.O)


Contact Information

JD Pillay1Head of Department: Prof JD Pillay
Tel: 031 373 2398
Fax: 086 674 1111
Location: Gate 6, Steve Biko Road, Mansfield Site Area
Campus: Ritson Campus

Nondumiso ManyathiSecretary: Miss Nondumiso Manyathi
Tel: 031 373 2406
Fax: 086 506 4828
Location: Gate 6, Steve Biko Road, Mansfield Site Area
Campus: Ritson Campus