Swalaha Head of Department: Prof Feroz Mahomed Swalaha
Tel: 031 373 2689
Email: fswalaha@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9184-1360
SCOPUS ID: 6505713815
Qualification & Institution: DTech (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Water and wastewater treatment, water-borne microbial pathogens, biostatistics
Short Bio: Prof. Feroz Mahomed Swalaha is the acting Head of the Department of Biotechnology & Food Technology, Durban University of Technology. He has worked extensively in the fields of biological wastewater treatment with the aid of mathematical modelling and statistical experimental design. Prof. Swalaha is has previously worked on modelling anaerobic digestion with genetic algorithms,… Readmore

Phillips Secretary: Mrs. Priscilla Phillips
Tel: 031 373 5321
Email: phillipp@dut.ac.za
Location: S9 Level 1
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Area of Expertise: Office Administration

Permaul Professor: Prof Kugen Permaul
Tel: 031 373 5327
Email: kugen@dut.ac.za
Location: S9 Level1
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5032-3092
SCOPUS ID: 15078201000
Qualification & Institution: PhD (UKZN)
Area of Expertise: Expression and application of glycohydrolases
Short Bio : Prof K Permaul obtained his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. His early research projects focused on bacterial molecular genetics, especially plasmid biology. He graduated with a Ph.D in 1999 and spent a year as a postdoctoral fellow before being employed as a lecturer at the Durban University of Technology in 2000. Readmore

Kudanga Professor: Prof Tukayi Kudanga
Tel: 031 373 5286
Email: tukayik@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0958-9846
SCOPUS ID: 56056164600
Qualification & Institution: PhD (TUGraz, Austria)
Area of Expertise: Enzyme Biotechnology, Biocatalysis, Biomaterials
Short Bio: Professor Kudanga joined the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science as Associate Professor in September 2014 and was promoted to Full Professor in December 2018. His areas of expertise include enzyme Biotechnology, biocatalysis and biomaterials. His current research focuses mainly on enzymatic synthesis of bioactive compounds, enzymatic modification of food biopolymers, and development of green technologies for functionalization of lignocellulose materials. Readmore

Amonsou Professor: Prof Eric Amosnou
Tel: 031 373 5314
Email: eamonsou@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification & Institution: PhD Food Science (UP)
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6299-0466
SCOPUS ID: 26021735700
Area of Expertise: Functional food biopolymers
Short Bio: Prof Amonsou is currently a C2-Rated NRF Scientist in South Africa and the leader of the Food and Nutrition security research focus area at the Durban University of Technology. He won several awards including the DUT innovators of the year. Prof Amonsou research activities focused on plant protein characterisation and modification for improved functionality and application in emulsion stabilisation and formation of hydrogels. Readmore

Ijabadeniyi Professor: Prof Oluwatosin Ademola Ijabadeniyi
Tel: 031 373 5310
Email: oluwatosini@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6283-8517
Qualification & Institution: PhD Food Science (UP)
Area of Expertise: Food Safety and Quality
Short Bio: Professor Ijabadeniyi is a Professor in the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science, Durban University of Technology. His current research focuses on incidence of food borne pathogens that constitute public health risk, including Listeria monocytogenes, E. coli OI57:H7 Salmonella and Aspergillus flavus. The use of different interventions to control persistent pathogens in foods also form a vital part of his food safety… Readmore

Prof John Mellem Associate Professor: Dr John Mellem
Tel: 031 373 5592
Email: johnm@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4784-699X
SCOPUS ID: 41361686800
Qualification & Institution: DTech: Food Technology (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Bioactive peptides to address non-communicable diseases
Short Bio: Prof John Mellem is an Associate Professor within the Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology at the Durban University of Technology (DUT). His role at DUT focuses on capacity development through teaching, research, and postgraduate supervision, and is one of three leading researchers within a relatively newly created research focus area in DUT,… Readmore

Viresh Mohanlall Associate Professor: Prof Viresh Mohanlall
Tel: 031 373 5426
Email: vireshm@dut.ac.za
Location: B Block, 1st Floor
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0103-7089
SCOPUS ID: 14825471800
Qualification & Institution: B. Tech – Food Technology
Area of Expertise: Phytochemistry and drug development
Short Bio: Prof. Mohanlall joined the department in 1996 and is an Associate Professor. His areas of expertise include biochemistry, phytochemistry, indigenous plant knowledge, nanotechnology, drug development and discovery and analytical chemistry. Prof. Mohanlall and the Plant Biotechnology Research Group have isolated new lead compounds from plant species and chemically synthesized analogues of the natural compounds to enhance its biological activity. Readmore

Pillai Associate Professor: Prof Santhosh Kuttan Pillai
Tel: 031 373 5329
Email: santhoshk@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3474-1555
SCOPUS ID: 57194010507
Qualification & Institution: DTech: Biotechnology (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Microbial Biotechnology, Enzymology, Plant Pathology
Short Bio: Prof Santhosh K Pillai is an Associate Professor at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science. His passion lies in teaching and training undergraduate students in Fermentation Science, Mycology and Bacteriology. Prof Pillai is actively involved in research, and his current research area encompasses bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass to bioenergy and other value-added products (biohydrogen,… Readmore

Sabiu Senior Lecturer: Dr Sabiu Saheed
Tel: 031 373 5330
Email: sabius@dut.ac.za
Location: S9 Level1
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification & Institution: PhD (UFS)
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7209-9220
SCOPUS ID: 56530797400/56534012900
Area of Expertise: Drug Discovery/Development, Phytotherapeutics, and Viral Metagenomics
Short Bio: Dr. Saheed is an NRF Y-rated researcher and currently researching into the detailed concepts of therapeutic mechanisms of secondary metabolites in degenerative and microbial diseases while reporting health benefits in a way that will provide valuable data which will lead to new small molecule targets that could potentially be lead for drug discovery.  Readmore

Juglal Senior Lecturer: Biotechnology: Ms Sarla Juglal
Tel: 031 373 5642
Email: sarlaj@dut.ac.za
Location: B Block, 1st Floor
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Qualification & Institution: MTech: Biotechnology (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Microbiology, Medical Mycology
Short Bio: Ms Juglal delivers the modules in Food Microbiology and Food Biotechnology, and team teaches Bacteriology 3 for the Degree program. She is the undergraduate staff-student liaison for Biotechnology and co-ordinates the admissions for the Advanced Diploma in the Biotechnology program. She is part of the team that developed, and hosts the short course on Good Microbiological Practices. Ms Juglal’s current research study involves filamentous fungal respiratory infections.

Beekrum Lecturer: Mrs Sharlynn Beekrum 
Tel: 031 373 5326
Email: sharlynn@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4430-0422
Qualification & Institution: MTech: Food Technology (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Food product development, food processing and preservation, food quality assurance and control
Short Bio: Mrs Beekrum is a graduate from DUT (MTech: Food Technology). Her teaching responsibilities include Food Quality Management, Food Product Development, Food Legislation and Advances in Food Science. In addition, she is the staff student liaison for the Food Science students as well as the coordinator of the Advanced Diploma Program. She is also involved in facilitating short courses for the food industry. Her current research area focuses on the characterization of microalgae for food applications.

Govender Lecturer: Dr Algasan Govender
Tel: 031 373 5355
Email: algasang@dut.ac.za
Location: S9 Level1
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1107-7110
SCOPUS ID: 36504152900
Qualification & Institution: PhD (UKZN)
Area of Expertise: Molecular Biology/ Enzyme Technology
Short Bio: My current interests include the production of industrially relevant products using novel enzymes. The genes for that code for these enzymes are cloned are cloned into suitable host for high levels of expression.
Academic Interests: Enzyme Technology; molecular cloning

Nyawose Junior Lecturer: Ms. Zikhona Truth Nyawose
Tel: 031 373 5332
Email: ZikhonaN@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification & Institution: MAppSc (Food Sci & Tech) (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Food Science
Short Bio: She joined DUT as an undergraduate student in 2011. She completed her Masters in 2019 and currently pursuing her PhD in Food Science and Technology. Currently, her research focuses on the anticancer potential of plant peptides.
Academic Interests: Research, Food Chemistry, Food Science and Technology. Readmore 

Puri Senior Laboratory Technician: Research: Dr Adarsh Kumar Puri
Tel: 031  373 2349/ 062 702 3091
Email: adarshp@dut.ac.za
Location: S9 Level1
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2261-413X
Qualification & Institution: Ph.D. (Microbiology) – University of Delhi, India
Area of Expertise: Environmental Biotechnology, Enzyme Technology, Microbiology
Short Bio: Dr Puri joined the Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology as a postdoctoral fellow in the Enzyme Technology Research group during April 2013. His area of expertise include Enzyme Technology, Environmental Biotechnology, Fermentation and Microbiology. Readmore

Makolomakwa Senior Research Technician: Mr Melvin Makolomakwa
Tel: 031 373 5108
Email: gaositwem@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification & Institution: MAppSci – DUT
Area of Expertise: Enzyme technology
Short Bio: Mr Melvin’s academic background is on production, purification, characterization and application of enzymes. Currently, he is managing the research laboratories and actively involved in the day-to-day running of the labs. He assists research students with their experiments and operating laboratory equipment.
Academic Interests: Bioentrepreneurship

Brijlal Senior Technician: Biotechnology: Ms Rena Brijlall
Tel: 031 373 2061
Email: renab@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification & Institution BTech: Biotechnology (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Biotechnology
Short Bio : Ms R Brijlal is a senior technician in one of the laboratories in the Biotechnology sector in the department of Biotechnology and Food Science. Ms Brijlal previously worked as a medical technologist at pathology laboratories, specializing in Microbiology. In the department, Ms Brijlal assists the head of department in supervising the undergraduate laboratory as well as assisting in the practical teaching of students in the various qualifications offered by the department.
Academic Interests: Microbiology, Bacteriology, Mycology

Samantha Govender Senior Technician: Food Technology: Ms Samantha Govender
Tel: 031 373 2738
Email: govends@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification & Institution: MTech: Food Technology (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Food processing, Food chemistry

Dilrajh Lab Technician: Mr Vee Dilrajh
Tel: 031 373 5309
Email: veed@dut.ac.za
Location: S9 01 Food tech laboratory
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification(s): NHD Food technology (NT)
Area of Expertise: Food science & technology
Short Bio: Food technologist 21 years experience in Food industry and 20 years in Academia. Proficiency areas-Food product development, analytical testing of food products ,ingredients, packaging (microbial ,physical and chemical), industrial food processing and staff training. Working with food technology students and also assisting start up food companies and entrepreneurs.

Mohanlall Technician: Food Technology: Mrs Ravika L Mohanlall
Tel: 031 373 5746
Email: ravikam@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification & Institution: BTech: Food Technology (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Food science & technology
Short Bio: Mrs Mohanlall joined the department in 2012 in the Food Technology department as a food technology laboratory technician. Her area of expertise is food science and technology, food product development, quality assurance in the food industry and food safety and legislation. Readmore

Dhani Laboratory Technician: Ms Sharon Govender Dhani
Tel: 031 373 6305
Email: sharong@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification & Institution: MTech: Biotechnology (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Biotechnology
Short Bio: Ms Govender obtained her M.Tech in Biotechnology from the Durban University of Technology in 2011. She joined Department of Biotechnology and Food Science in 2003.She is currently a technician in the microbiology laboratory. Her area of expertise is Microbiology. Ms Govender is involved in consultancy, comprising testing of water, food and environmental samples.
Academic Interests: Bacteriology, Bioprocessing, Medical Microbiology and Biology

Naicker Technician: Biotechnology: Ms Predeshini Naicker
Tel: 031 373 5311
Email: naickerp@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification & Institution: BTech: Biotechnology (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Biotechnology
Short Bio: Ms Naicker joined the Department in 1996 as a Biotechnology laboratory technician and currently holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Biotechnology. Her areas of expertise include Food Microbiology, Mycology and Bacteriology. She is the co-ordinator of the tutorship programme that recruits post graduate students to assist with ‘at risk’ students in specific modules of the Biotechnology and Food Science programmes. She is also part of the team that conducts the short course Good Microbiological Laboratory Practice for the department.

Mbamali Laboratory Technician: Mrs Siphiwengesihle Mbamali
Tel: 031 373 5325
Email: siphiwengesihled@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko
Qualification & Institution: BTech: Biotechnology (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnolo
Short Bio (limited to 1 paragraph): Mrs Mbamali joined the department as a Technician in 2010. She was previously employed as a Biology (DNA) Forensic Analyst. She obtained her BTech in 2006 before being employed in the public sector. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Biotechnology, with a specific focus on Recombinant DNA Technology and Enzyme Technology. Mrs Mbamali is passionate in helping students grasp practical knowledge in the area of Molecular Biology.
Academic Interests: Molecular Biology, Recombinant DNA Technology, Analytical Biochemistry, Research projects

Mellem Technician: Biotechnology: Mrs Kameshnee Mellem
Tel: 031 373 2475
Email: kameshneen@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko
Qualification & Institution: MTech: Biotechnology (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Biotechnology
Short Bio: Mrs Mellem joined the department as a Laboratory Technician in 2010. She was previously employed in industry as a Microbiology Laboratory Supervisor. She obtained her MTech: Biotechnology in 2010 within the Research Focus Area of Enzyme Technology. Mrs Mellem has supervised and assisted several undergraduate and postgraduate students. Readmore

Elliot Ncayiyana Technical Assistant: Mr. Zwelakhe Elliot Ncayiyana
Tel: 031 373 5283
Email: zwelakhen@dut.ac.za
Location: B Block, 1st Floor
Campus: Steve Biko
Qualification & Institution: PG Dip: Management (UKZN)
Area of Expertise: Local Economic Development

Dwarka Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Dr Depika Dwarka
Tel: 031 373 5283/ 084 551 3479
Email: depikad@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8386-8056
Qualification & Institution: PhD Biology (UKZN)
Area of Expertise: Drug discovery, human cell culture, Electron microscopy, phytochemistry
Short Bio: Dr Depika Dwarka completed her PhD at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and developed an exceptional grasp on the importance of medicinal sciences in the success of a nation and industry. Her extensive laboratory techniques are a tremendous advantage in designing and implementing new projects. Readmore

Dlangamandla Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Dr Nkosikho Dlangamandla
Tel: 083 8719 509
Email: nkosikhod@dut.ac.za
Location: B Block, 1st Floor
Campus: Steve Biko
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5653-519
SCOPUS ID: 57193389390
Qualification & Institution: DEng Chemical Engineering (CPUT)
Area of Expertise: Chemical Engineering, Enzymology and Bioprocessing
Short Bio: I am a Chemical Engineer, and a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Durban University of Technology. I hold a Doctoral of engineering in chemical engineering from Cape Peninsula University of Technology. My current research interests are on bioprocessing, enzymatic technology, renewable energy, and biocatalysts. Readmore

Bhagwat Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Dr Prashant Bhagwat
Tel: 073 296 8278
Email: prashantb@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5790-7824
SCOPUS ID: 55817440600
Qualification & Institution: PhD Microbiology (Shivaji University)
Area of Expertise: Bioremediation, Microbial enzymology, Bioactive peptides
Short Bio: For a sustainable future, there is a call to increase the market share of bio-based products. Innovative enzyme solutions can potentially improve efficient biomass utilization by offering environmentally friendly technologies to produce bioactive products from biomass resources. Readmore

A Arnold Mudzannani Laboratory Assistant: Mr. Azwimpheleli Arnold Mudzanani
Tel: 031 373 5283
Email: azwimpheleliM@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification & Institution: BTech: Biotechnology (VUT)
Area of Expertise:

Folami  Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Dr Abimbola Motunrayo Folami
Email: Abimbolaf@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5862-1465
SCOPUS ID: 39261289000
Qualification & Institution: PhD Biotechnology (DUT)
Area of Expertise: Computational and molecular biotechnology; Environmental health/virology; Bioenergy and phytoremediation

Tshabuse Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Dr Freedom Tshabuse
Tel: 031 373 5283/ 072 903 8889
Email: freedomt@dut.ac.za / freedomvincent@gmail.com
Location: B Block, 1st Floor
Campus: Steve Biko
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9183-3379
Qualification & Institution: PhD (Molecular and Cell Biology); UCT
Area of Expertise: Microbial Ecology and Metabolomics
Short Bio: I received my undergraduate education at the University of Venda, where I completed a BSc (Hons) degree in Microbiology. I then moved to the University of the Western Cape, Department of Biotechnology, for further studies, earning both an MSc and then a PhD from the University of Cape Town. While waiting for my PhD results,… Readmore

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Dr Londiwe Simphiwe Mbatha
Email: prashantb@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-2310-9714
Qualification & Institution: PhD (UKZN)
Area of Expertise: Biotechnology

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Postdoctoral Research: Dr Karishma Singh
Email: k1008.singh@gmail.com
Tel: 076 315 5751
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification & Institution: Ph.D (Biological Sciences) UKZN, Westville
Area of Expertise: Plant Biotechnology
Short Bio: I attained an undergraduate and Honours degree at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth. I continued with a Master’s degree at the same University in the field of Nature Conservation. I then completed my Ph.D. at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in the field of Biological Sciences focusing on medicinal plants.  Readmore

Charlene Pillay Lecturer: Dr Charlene Pillay
Tel: 031 373 5324
Email: charlenep@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Qualification & Institution: PhD: Microbiology (UKZN)
Area of Expertise: Microbial Biotechnology
Short Bio: Dr Pillay have graduated with a PhD in 2013 from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Since 2015, she has been employed at the Durban University of Technology as a lecturer and Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Coordinator. Dr Pillay has taught numerous modules at the undergraduate level with supervision of four BTech students and co-supervision of one Master student. Readmore

Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr Jetendra Roy Enzyme Technology jetendrar@dut.ac.za 031 373 5355
Dr Algasan Govender Enzyme Technology algasang@dut.ac.za 031 373 5355
Dr Adarsh Puri Enzyme Technology adarshp@dut.ac.za 031 373 2349