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Welcome to the Department of Statistics at the Durban University of Technology. The Department of Statistics is committed to imparting statistical knowledge within the University. Through its teaching and learning activities the Department of Statistics strives to promote the knowledge and use of statistics in all disciplines while trying to foster an appreciation of quantitative techniques in quality decision-making processes. The Department’s research interests are diverse ranging from biostatistics to machine learning and statistics education. The Department’s goal is to actively engage students in statistical training to assist them in the advancement of other fields in the applied sciences, health, engineering and education.

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  • Engagement with communities

 “Making Sense of Data”


  • Excellence in student-centred teaching and learning
  • Promotion of applied statistical research



A preferred partner in creating a statistically literate society”



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Contact Information

Anisha Head of Department: Dr. Anisha Ananth
Tel: 031 373 6800
Email: anishas@dut.ac.za
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Location: Department of Statistics


kwe Administrative Assistant: M. Kweyama
Tel:  031 373 5227
Email: mbalenhlek@dut.ac.za
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Location: Mariam Bee Building, Ground Floor


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