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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry


Welcome to the Department of Chemistry. The Department of Chemistry is a large department with 13 full-time academic and 15 technical/administrative staff. Of the permanent academic staff 12 have PhDs. The department offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and is actively engaged with industry and research through the Advisory Board and collaborations, respectively.

The department specifically welcomes the FTEN Diploma in Analytical Chemistry and the new qualification Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Industrial Chemistry students. Our returning and new post graduate students in Advanced Diploma in Chemistry, Post Graduate Diploma in Chemistry, Masters and PhD qualifications are also welcomed.

Graduates of the Diploma and Degree qualifications would be able to display competence in the application of knowledge in a broad range of varied work activities associated with a career in the Chemical and Allied Industries involving detergents, petroleum, plastics, food, pharmaceuticals, mining, water treatment, metallurgy. Graduates are also required for specific practical applications such as quality control and testing or theoretical fields such as research and development.

Post graduate students in the Masters and PhD programmes have a range of research areas to choose for their studies. The research focus areas in the department include: Computational & Bioanalytical Chemistry, Phase Equilibria & Electroanalytical Chemistry, Green Organic Synthesis, Biomass Processing, Environmental Chemistry and Catalysis.

The programmes are designed to meet the human resource needs of the chemical and allied industries and tertiary educational institutions, by providing nationally and internationally recognised tertiary education and training to students. The Chemical sector was recently listed as a scarce skills sector and the training of students in the programmes will assist to alleviate the scarcity of skills in this field.


About Us

Chemistry holds a unique place amongst the sciences because all material things are composed of chemicals. By studying chemistry, one will be able to understand the fundamentals about the chemical composition of materials in our daily life. Chemical industries and educational institutions require personnel to conduct various analyses and control activities in their laboratories.


The Department of Chemistry offers a qualification that is primarily industry specific, but opportunities exist for successful candidates to pursue post graduate studies leading to a Masters and a Doctoral degree in chemistry. The Department is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation required for educating learners and boasts a complement of highly qualified and competent academic and support staff.



Advancing future chemists for industry and research



Making chemistry fun through science, technology and innovation


  1. Trust: We always speak the truth. We are people of integrity.
  1. Respect: We listen to the opinion of others. We treat others with dignity. Our individuality is valued. We subscribe to the spirit of Ubuntu.
  1. Communication: We seek to understand others better. We follow through and meet deadlines. We eliminate confusion and promote clarity.
  1. Passion: We love chemistry. Chemistry is fun. Our teaching and learning methods are exciting. We take pride in what we do.
  1. Teamwork: Our productivity and outputs reflect our team spirit. Our enthusiasm is infectious.
  1. Accountability: We do what we say. We are responsible and reliable. We take initiative. We give credit where credit is due. Our success is a result of what we do.
  1. Excellence: We lead, others follow. Whatever we do, we do it right first time. Quality matters. We pride ourselves in academic excellence and innovative research.

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Contact Information

Prof N DeenadayaluHead of Department: Prof N Deenadayalu
 067 101 1923
Email: NirmalaD@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus


Secretary: Ms Sihle Portia Ntetha
Tel:  031 373 2300 / 2309
Email: SihleN3@dut.ac.za
Location:  S10 Level 3
Campus:  Steve Biko Campus