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Welcome to the Department of Physics


Welcome to the Department of Physics, a service department offering courses in Physics to Faculties within the University that may require them. Staff are actively involved in research in various fields including Solar Energy, Theoretical Plasma Physics, Physics in Education….

About us


Promoting the advancement of physics



Unlocking the relevance of physics in a technologically developing society



Due to its history, DUT and in relation, the Physics Department feels the responsibility to oversee multiple goals simultaneously. These goals can be summarized as follows:

  • Maintaining the physical sciences activities on a modern, international scale to be referred to in the leading, decisive international platforms
  • Following up the advanced technologies, contributing to the national industry’s competitive character by means of maintaining educational and research based activities
  • Acting as the driving, improving and pioneering force for every aspect of the national physics education and applications

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Get in touch with the Physics department

Moolla Head of department: Dr S Moolla 
Campus: ML Sultan campus
Qualifications: BSc (UDW), BSc Hons (UDW), MSc (UDW), PhD (UKZN)
Area of expertise: Theoretical Plasma Physics
Research Gate:
Research and innovation focus: Space Plasmas
Collaborations: Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, Mumbai, India

Ms-S-Chetty Secretary: Ms Sunitha Chetty
Tel: 031 373 5361
Fax: 031 373 5264
Location: A-Block, 2ND Floor, Room AA0206
Campus: ML Sultan Campus