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Welcome to the Department of Physics


Welcome to the Department of Physics, a service department offering courses in Physics to Faculties within the University that may require them.

About us


Promoting the advancement of physics



Unlocking the relevance of physics in a technologically developing society




Due to its history, DUT and in relation, the Physics Department feels the responsibility to oversee multiple goals simultaneously. These goals can be summarized as follows:

  • Maintaining the physical sciences activities on a modern, international scale to be referred to in the leading, decisive international platforms
  • Following up the advanced technologies, contributing to the national industry’s competitive character by means of maintaining educational and research based activities
  • Acting as the driving, improving and pioneering force for every aspect of the national physics education and applications

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kpr3 Acting Head of Department: Dr Kevin Reddy
Tel: 031 373 2338
Campus: Steve Biko Campus


Ms-S-Chetty Secretary: Ms Sunitha Chetty
Tel: 031 373 5361
Fax: 031 373 5264
Location: A-Block, 2ND Floor, Room AA0206
Campus: ML Sultan Campus