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Shobana All Departmental Enquiries:
Secretary: Mrs Shobana Singh
Tel: 031 373 6878
Fax: 031 373 5184
Location: 4th Floor, B Block
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Qualification & Institution: B Tech: Management (UNISA), ND: Office Management & Technology (UN

Area of Expertise:
• Administrative: professional academic and student support.

Pinn Head of Department & Associate Professor: Prof Cindy Pienaar
Tel: 031 373 5376
Location: 4th Floor, B Block
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Qualification & Institution: PhD: (Human Movement Studies) (NWU), M.Sc.: Sport Science (NWU), B.Sc. Hons: Sport Science (NWU), B.Sc.: Human Movement Science and Nutrition (Potchefstroom University), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA)

Area of Expertise:
• Exercise and Sport Physiology
• Fatigue in Sport
• Females in Sport
• Strength and Conditioning
• Plyometrics
• Cold water immersion
• Sport Nutrition
• High Performance Testing, Evaluation and Intervention Studies

Bio: I am currently the Head of Department of the Department of Sport Studies, Faculty Applied Sciences at Durban University of Technology. I am currently responsible for lecturing and course development in Sport and Exercise Physiology, Applied Exercise Physiology and Exercise Science Practice at undergraduate and post graduate level (BTech). I have been involved in numerous research projects and have 10 International publications and I have attended both National as well as International conferences where I have delivered several oral presentations. 2 PhD and 5 Masters students have completed their studies under my supervision.
I also have practical experience as a Strength and Conditioning coach of the NWU as well as North West-South netball teams, with the highlight being appointed as the Strength and Conditioning Coach of the South African u/21 netball squad who competed in the 2007 World Cup in Cooke Island. I have also been involved in program description, testing and training of the NWU hockey and soccer teams.
Research and Innovation focus: Human Performance
Female athlete performance
Fatigue and performance
Sport and Exercise Physiology

colleen Lecturer: Miss Colleen Lotz
Tel: 031 373 5342
Campus: ML Sultan Campus   
Qualification & Institution: M Tech: Marketing (DUT), B Tech: Marketing (DUT), ND: Marketing (DUT)
Modules Currently Teaching: Sport Marketing 2, Sport Marketing 3, Sport Marketing 4, Project Management, Business

Area of Expertise:
• Sport Management / Management
• Sport Marketing / Marketing
• Project Management
• Entrepreneurship
• Research Methodology

Sammer Lecturer: Dr Sameera Hussain
Tel: 031 373 5745
Location: B Block – 4th Floor
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Qualification(s): Marketing (DUT), M Tech: Public Relations (DUT), B Tech: Public Relations (DUT), ND: Public Relations (DUT).

Area of Expertise:
• Sport Management
• Sport Marketing
• Sport Media and Communication
• Sport Public Relations
• Research Methodology

Bio: Dr Hussain has been with the Department of Sport Studies since 2012 and graduated with her PHD in 2016. She is currently the 1st year National Diploma programme coordinator and her lectures fall within the sport management ambit. She has published research articles in peer reviewed journals and has presented at conferences. Her research focus areas include, Relationship Marketing and Sport Media.
Research and Innovation focus: The business of sport cannot be imagined without fans or sport consumers. No spectators at matches or buyers of apparel, no potential sponsors or recipients for the sports media. Such a scenario is unimaginable. The sport industry needs consumers or fans who are willing to spend their time and money on their favourite sport thus making supporters the most important part of the sport business. Therefore, it becomes essential that a new paradigm in the context of sports marketing be implemented. Indeed, relationship marketing is such a paradigm that provides sports marketers with the opportunity to establish, develop and maintain meaningful and mutually beneficial long-term associations with fans, sponsors, and the media as well as internal and external stakeholders.

shee Lecturer: Dr Shereen Currie
Tel: 031 373 6837
Qualification & Institution: PhD: Sport Science (UNIZULU), Master of Sport Science (UNIZULU), B.Sc. Hons: Sport Science/ Biokinetics (UNIZULU), B.Sc.: Human Movement Science (UNIZU

Area of Expertise:
• Health promotion
• Chronic diseases
• Health and Wellness
• Exercise rehabilitation

neve Lecturer: Nével Neveling
Tel: 031 373 5376
Location: 4th Floor, B Block
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Qualification & Institution: M Tech: Sport & Exercise Technology (TUT), B.A. Hons: Biokinetics (UP), BA: Human Movement Studies

Area of Expertise:
• Health risk behaviour
• Non-communicable diseases
Bio: Mr Neveling is currently working as a lecturer in the Department of Sport Studies, Faculty Applied Sciences at Durban University of Technology. He has worked extensively in academic and clinical environments, and has been involved with various research projects, including post-graduate supervision.
Research and Innovation focus: Health risk behavior and disease prevention, Metabolic disease risk mitigation, Sport injury management

mfun Technician: Mr Mfundo Nhlanhla Mxolisi Ngwenya
Tel: 031 373 5744
Campus: 4th floor, B Block, ML Sultan

Area of Expertise:
• Coaching
• Strength and Conditioning