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kwe Administrative Assistant: M. Kweyama
Tel:  031 373 5227
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Location: Mariam Bee Building, Ground Floor

Anisha Head of Department: Dr. Anisha Ananth
Tel: 031 373 6800
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Location: Department of Statistics
Qualification(s): DPhil (UKZN)Bio: Completed a BSC (cum laude) in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, BSc (Honours) in Statistics, MSc (cum laude) in Quantitative Finance and DPhil (Social Sciences Education) specialising in statistics education

Academic Interests: Applying threshold concepts theory to statistics education pedagogy, exploring and applying innovative pedagogies to statistics education.

Research Links: J transdiscipl res S Afr. 2020; 16(1), a786. 10.4102/td.v16i1.786

M. Nzuza Lecturer: Mr M. Nzuza
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Location: Westville
Qualification(s): MSc (Statistics), UKZN
Area of Expertise: Statistical sciencBio: My passion for teaching started while I was a student at university through a tutoring job. I have years of teaching experience in the field of statistics at tertiary level. With an undying academic spirit, I have a strong desire to transform minds especially of the younger ones academically and intellectually.

Academic Interests: Curriculum development to offer knowledge and skills required by modern economy. Research in data science and related areas.

Research Links:

Mbona Lecturer: Mr SV Mbona
Tel: 031 373 5703 or 067 728 9560
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Location: ML Sultan
Qualification(s): Master’s degree (UKZN)
Area of Expertise: BiostatisticsBio: Sizwe V. Mbona holds a Master’s degree in Statistics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) and is currently pursuing his PhD in the field of Biostatistics at UKZN. He has the expertise and motivation to learn and execute the analyses of the data. He has completed three research manuscripts that are submitted for consideration in peer-reviewed journals. Using the data, he explores various statistical models including re-current event, joint modelling, competing risk, etc. Mr Mbona is currently working at the Durban University of Technology as a lecturer and he mentor Master’s students on how to conduct and verify the results of the data analyses using various statistical tests. He also facilitates and lecture the undergraduate teaching program on basic statistical analysis methods. He is passionate about academia and research and his main interest as a lecturer is producing young graduates that can adapt to many different functions or activities.

Academic Interests: Research

Mza Lecturer: Mr Tsepang Mzamane
Tel: 031 373 5223
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Location: Department of Statistics
Qualification(s): MSc (Statistics)Bio: Mr. Tsepang Mzamane started his academic career at DUT in 2013-2015. In 2015, He worked as a Statistician for Umalusi, a quality assurance in general and further education in South African up until 2017. Mr. Mzamane is enrolled for a PhD in Statistics at UKZN. His research focuses on longitudinal data Analysis in Health data: Applying Bayesian Methods.

Academic Interests: Mr Mzamane’s research focuses on Bayesian Survival Analysis and Spatial Statistics with an application in HIV and Tuberculosis

Research Links: He is currently enrolled for PhD (Statistics) with the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Lecturer: Mr B Ndlovu
Tel: 033 845 8887
Location: Riverside
Qualification(s): MSc (UKZN)
Area of Expertise: Statistics (Survival Analysis)Bio: My interest lies in Discrete Time Survival analysis with particular focus on competing risks.