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default-avatar-e1448374196642 Secretary: Ms M Kweyama
Tel: 031 373 5227
Fax: 031 373 5674
Campus: ML Sultan Campus

Mathews Head of Department & Associate Professor: Prof Glenda Matthews
Tel: 031 373 5421
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Qualification(s): PhD (Mathematical Statistics), University of Pretoria

Bio: Prof Matthews has a PhD in Mathematical Statistics from the University of Pretoria. She was formerly Associate Professor in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at UKZN, where she lectured at undergraduate and postgraduate level.  Prof Matthews has a strong interest in Biostatistics and has been part of a team that conducted Biostatistics workshops for the Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) with UKZN. Prof Matthews has been involved with the local MEPI project aimed at strengthening medical education and building Biostatistics capacity for PhD candidates and medical practitioners. Prof Matthews is actively involved in Biostatistical consulting at DUT.

Courses Currently Teaching: Introductory Statistics, Business Calculations

Research and Innovation focus: Generalized Linear Mixed Models, Survival Analysis,  Estimation subject to constraints.

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Lecturer: Mr C Paul
Tel: 031 373 5230
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Qualification(s): BSc NHD

Courses Currently Teaching: Quantitative Techniques, Business Calculations, Introductory Statistics

Research and Innovation focus: Quality Management

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Lecturer: Mr S Mbona
Tel: 031 373 5703
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Qualification(s): MSc (Statistics), University of KwaZulu-Natal

Bio: Currently registered for a PhD in Statistics at UKZN

Courses Currently Teaching: Quantitative Methods, Business Calculations, Introductory Statistics

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Lecturer: Mr B Ndlovu
Tel: 033 845 8887
Location: Riverside
Qualification(s): Bsc(Hons)
Courses Currently Teaching: Business Calculations & Business Statistics

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Lecturer: Mrs A Ananth
Tel: 031 373 6800
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Qualification(s): MSc (Cum Laude); BSc (Cum Laude); BSc (Hons), University of KwaZulu-Natal

Courses Currently Teaching: Business Calculations, Statistics and Quantitative Techniques

Research and Innovation focus: MSc (Quantitative Finance).  Studying towards a PhD in Education (speciality being Statistics education)

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Lecturer: Mr T Mzamane
Tel: 031 373 5223
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Qualification(s): MSc (Statistics), University of KwaZulu-Natal

Bio: Currently registered for a PhD in Statistics at UKZN

Courses Currently Teaching: Business Calculations, Introductory Statistics