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Doctoral Students


Richard John Ahlschlager
Dissertation Title: 
A framework for implementing sustainable development for cities based primarily on a value based system thinking approach. 

Research interests: With widespread and growing urbanisation, many cities seem to be struggling to develop along a sustainable trajectory. I am interested in assessing approaches based on formulation of the developmental value based mission for beneficiaries, the developmental context from a system perspective and the primary mechanism of governance and implementation within an increasingly complex and ambiguous environment.

Lindsay Bush
Email: ambush.urbanism@gmail.com
Dissertation Title:
‘A model for high quality, integrated high-rise urban living: Learning from Durban’s beachfront.’ 

Research interests: Co-creation, the ‘modern family’ and the New Commons, Spatializing South African identity, culture and community, Urban verticality and spatial justice: Mixed-income high density housing, Architecture, fear and joy.

Mohammud Anwar Noorani Jahangeer
Email: ngudoung@gmail.com
Dissertation Title:
‘Shifting Territories: Towards a methodology for a creative emancipatory approach to place-making, the role of spaza shops in Cornubia, Blackburn, KZN.’ 

Research interests: Creativity.

Ntobeko Mlotshwa
Email: untobekoncube@gmail.com
Dissertation Title:
Learning with Informal Waste Pickers in Durban: Lessons for waste picker integration into environmentally just municipal waste management systems. 

Research interests: Informal work, informal settlements; Participatory planning; urban and rural planning and development; Circular economy; Southern urbanism; environmental, spatial and social justice.

Temitope Olaniran
Email: 21647958@dut4life.ac.za
Dissertation Title: ‘Mixed-income Housing Models as Enhanced Housing Delivery Model in South Africa: A Comparative Focus on Cornubia in Durban and Cosmocity in Johannesburg.’ 

Research interests: Low-cost Housing, Mixed-income Housing, Mega Human Settlements, Inclusive Cities.

Mthabiso Lethukuthula Phungula
Email: mthabisophungula@gmail.com
Dissertation Title: “Problematizing gender in actions for transformative climate adaptation in eThekwini Municipality: towards localizing efforts to address global environmental change.” 

Research interests: Urban development, climate adaptation, sustainability, and human geography.

Vaughn Sadie
Email: vaughnsadie@gmail.com
Dissertation Title: ‘Dilemmas and solutions for developing an effective management arrangement for community driven public art: An exploration of Cosmo City.’ 

Research interests: As an artist and researcher, I’m interested in interdisciplinary and participatory practices, and the place of art in a social context. Through site-specific work and participatory practice, I have worked collaboratively with theatre makers, choreographers and researchers on various projects, to develop alternative ways of perceiving and engaging with a city.

Haroon Wadee
Dissertation Title: 
‘An ethnography of street level whoonga use: exploring survival strategies, social capital and moral economy.’ 

Research interests: 

Doctoral Students (Graduated)


Tanya Dayaram
Email: TanyaD@dut.ac.za
Dissertation Title: ‘The role of business support interventions in promoting spatial justice: A case study of informal economic development in a residential zone, eThekwini (Ward 68)’ 

Research interests: Urban everything

Tilmann Feltes
Email: 21451826@dut4life.ac.za
Dissertation Title: ‘Urban Transformation at a local level: The case of Durban’s 100 resilient cities campaigning’ 

Research interests: Urban Governance, Urbanisation, Resilience and Transformation, Human Geography

Masters Students


Thevan Harry
Email: thevanharry8@gmail.com
Dissertation Title: Deviance or Counter-Culture: Tattooing within the Durban Metro Police Department 

Research interests: The Struggle for Non-Racial Sport; The history of costume in the Durban Local History Museums Collection; Liberation Heritage Route; Reflections of the COVID-19 pandemic within the eThekwini Municipality; “Coloured Identity” within eThekwini Municipality.

Luvolwethu Brilliant Khasa
Email: 21740940@dut4life.ac.za
Dissertation Title: A computer repertorial analysis of the mental-emotional effects of COVID-19 on Police workers in the eThekwini region.

Research interests: Health Sciences, Psychosocial issues and Homoeopathy

Saiesh Surujbally 
Email: saiesh24@gmail.com
Dissertation Title: ‘An exploration of the perceptions and experiences of patients receiving homoeopathic care at the Bellhaven Harm Reduction Centre.’

Research interests: Holistic Treatment of ADHD, The Psychological Approach to Video Games.

Masters Students (Graduated)


Ntobeko Mlotshwa
Email: untobekoncube@gmail.com
Dissertation Title: ‘Exploring participatory planning practices for informal street traders in small towns: The case of Ladysmith CBD informal streets traders.’

Research interests: Informal settlements, Rural development, Participatory planning, Informal economy