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bmd Head of Department : Dr D Varatharajullu
Tel: 031 373 2533
Campus: Ritson
Qualification(s): PhD: Health Sciences (DUT); M.Tech: Chiropractic (DUT); Adv Dip: Business Administration (DUT)

Bio: Dr Desiree Varatharajullu is an academic in the Department of Chiropractic. She is also the Clinic Director for the Chiropractic Day Clinic at the Durban University of Technology. She received her M.Tech: Chiropractic degree from the Durban University of Technology. Desiree has lectured part-time and ran a private practice before joining the Department of Chiropractic at the Durban University of Technology as a full-time academic. She is a locum Chiropractor on a part-time basis in order to keep her practice skills current and incorporate practical knowledge obtained from there into her teaching. Desiree’s current roles include lecturing students, being a clinical instructor at the Chiropractic Day Clinic as well as at community service initiatives and supervising Masters research students and collaborative work. Her supervision experience includes clinical trials, questionnaires and qualitative studies with a preference for musculoskeletal, chiropractic, pain, electromodalities, geriatrics, paediatrics, headaches and studies involving blood flow assessments with the use of an intervention. Desiree is involved in the publication of research which she supervises.

Connr Senior Lecturer: Dr L O’Connor/Wilson
Tel: 031 373 2923
Location: Ritson
Qualification(s): M.Tech Chiropractic (DIT)

Bio: Dr Laura O’Connor obtained her chiropractic qualification at the Durban Institute of Technology in the early 2000’s. Thereafter she practiced as a chiropractor in a multi-disciplinary practice in Dublin, Ireland. On returning to South Africa she became a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chiropractic at the Durban University of Technology. In this position she lectures in both the undergraduate and post-graduate programmes. She has been actively involved in the research portfolio in the department and has supervised many students registered in for their Master’s in Technology Chiropractic. Her research interests include the neurophysiology and effectiveness of chiropractic treatment. She is also a member of the Professional Board of Chiropractic and Osteopathy.

Courses Currently Teaching: Chiropractic Principles and Practice III
Research Methods and Techniques I
Chiropractic Principles and Practice IV
Chiropractic Principles and Practice V
Research and Innovation focus: Research interest are focused on the effectiveness of manipulative therapy and its underlying mechanisms.

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Senior Lecturer: Dr A Docrat 
Tel: 031 373 2589
Campus: Ritson

Bio: Dr A. Docrat is a senior lecturer in the department of chiropractic at DUT. He started his career as a chiropractor after graduating in 1999 from Technikon Natal and went immediately into private practice. An opportunity to lecture in the department of chiropractic at the old Technikon Natal presented which he accepted. He obtained his first Master’s degree as a chiropractor, went on to study sports science at UKZN Medical School where he obtained a second Master’s degree.In 2006 he obtained a post-graduate qualification as a Unani Tibb physician from the UWC. Dr. Docrat now practices part-time as a chiropractor and Unani Tibb physician and lectures in the department of chiropractic full time. He lectures in the fields of mechanical low back pain, epidemiology, myofascial pain syndromes, and biomechanics. He is actively involved in lecturing and supervising master’s students at DUT. His first thesis was a study in the epidemiology of low back pain between Coloureds and Indians in South Africa and the second one on the effect of a homeopathic anti-inflammatory (Traumeel) on the blood cytokine profile of long-distance runners. His niche areas of research are in the fields of myofascial pain, mechanical low back pain, cupping therapy and epidemiology.

charmaine_korporaal Senior Lecturer: Dr C Korporaal  
Tel: 031 373 2611
Campus: Ritson
Qualification(s): M.Tech:Chiropractic, CCFC, CCSP, ICSSD

Bio: Charmaine M Korporaal M.Tech:Chiropractic. CCFC, CCSP, ICSSD in her capacity as Senior Lecturer at the Department of Chiropractic and Somatology at the DUT, she is involved in department and programme management, research and clinical supervision, lecturing and also holds the post of Clinic Director. In order to keep herself current within sports chiropractic, Charmaine participates with the students at various sports events as well as a limited part time practice alongside her duties.In addition she sits on the following committees – The Executive of the Chiropractic Association of South Africa, the Executive of the Federation International de Chiropractic du Sport and is the National Internship Committee Chair for the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa. She is also part of the Federation Internationale de Chiropractique du Sportive, International Chiropractic Regulatory Forum and the Public Health Committee of the WFC.Through her research involvement, both supervising masters dissertations and facilitating publication of the results of these masters dissertations, Charmaine has been invited to join the Editorial Board of a number of journals.

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Department Secretary: Ms K Pillay 
Tel: 031 373 2094

Bio: Ms Pillay the Secretary of the Department of Chiropractic  has a Bachelor of Technology in Comm Administration. She plays an integral and active role in the functioning of  the front office operations and management dealing with students, staff and the general public in terms of queries by providing the best advice and support possible. Ms Pillay also holds the portfolio of the Departmental student accommodation liaison representative for the Department of Chiropractic.

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Clinic Administrator: Mrs W Drake
Tel: 031 373 2605

Bio: Mrs Wendy Drake joined the Chiropractic Department in an administrative capacity in 2011. She has a Diploma in Horticulture from Technikon Natal and worked in the Horticultural industry for 21 years, 14 of which was in a managerial position. Her current portfolio includes the financial administration of the Chiropractic Department.

Linda pic Administrative Assistant: Mrs L Twiggs  
Tel: 031 373 2205
Campus: Ritson

Bio: Mrs Twiggs joined the DUT Chiropractic Clinic in an administrative capacity in 1998 after working at ABSA Bank for ten years. During her time with DUT, she has seen to the operational aspects of the Chiropractic clinic at the Durban University of Technology. From 2014 to 2017 she held the role of student administrator for the Chiropractic, Somatology and Homoeopathy clinics and then rejoined the Chiropractic Clinic as an administrator mid-2017. She currently handles all aspects of administration regarding the Chiropractic clinic and its students and protocols.

Lecturer: Dr Y Venketsamy  
Tel: 031 373 2588
Campus: Ritson
Qualification(s): M.Tech: Chiropractic (DUT), M.Phil.: Biomedical Forensic Science (UCT)

Bio: Dr Yomika Venketsamy qualified with a Master’s degree in Chiropractic at DUT in 2007 and runs a part-time practice. Her practical experience and knowledge gained in treating patients over the years, resulted in her appointment as a part-time lecturer at DUT in 2015. As a current full time academic, her roles include lecturing, Masters dissertation supervision, clinic and community service supervision, research publication and student liaison. She runs a Chiropractic Food Fund for students, the Chiropractic Coaching Mentorship Programme for first years and the Senior Mentorship programme. She also went on to obtain a second Master’s degree in Biomedical Forensic Science at UCT, with a keen interest in Forensic Pathology and Forensic Anthropology. Her research looked at the usefulness of Forensic Radiology in estimating stature. This resulted in the creation of stature estimation regression formulae for the South African male population which may be used when skeletal remains are found. Research interests include epidemiological studies, surveys and clinical trials.

Hisilicon Balong Lecturer: Dr Cleo Prince
Tel: 031 373 3005
Campus: Ritson

Bio: Dr Cleo Prince hails from Port Elizabeth and commenced her studies for chiropractic in 2008. After completing her dissertation titled the effect of three different cooling gels on acute non-specific low back pain, she graduated and commenced her work in private practice in Musgrave as a full time practitioner but always maintained strong ties with DUT as a part time lecturer. After two and a half years as a part time lecturer, she was appointed as a Permanent Academic Lecturer in the Department of Chiropractic in 2018 and continues to practice on a part time basis. Her portfolio within the department comprises of teaching and learning in the topographical and radiographic anatomy and the diagnostics ambit. She is also involved in clinician duty as well as administering the research portfolio within the department. Dr Prince is a proud member of the Chiropractic Association of South Africa and relishes in her role as a Kwa Zulu Natal Regional Committee Member. Dr Prince truly believes she is fulfilling her purpose in life and looks forward to many years as a part of the DUT family.

Part-Time Lecturers: Chiropractic

Name Telephone Email
Dr G Matkovich All part-time staff may
be contacted via the
Chiropractic Programme
(Ms K Pillay) on:031 373 2094
Any emails may be directed
via the Chiropractic
Programme office on:


Name Telephone Email
Dr H.M. Kretzmann
Dr G. Matkovich
Dr J. Jacquire
Dr A. van der Meulen
Dr B. Van Wyk
Dr J. Shaik
Dr K. Pillay
Dr N. Ganesh
Dr K. Padayachy
Dr L. Matsebula
Dr G.D. Haswell
Dr N. van der Hulst
All clinicians can be contacted
during their respective clinic
shifts on:031 373 6694
Any emails may be directed
via the Chiropractic
Programme office on: