(Please note: This form is not an application form, but is used for registering PDFs that already applied to DUT and were successful).

This application must include the following items:

ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE EMAILED TO: grantsadministrator@dut.ac.za

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Official certified academic transcripts of all degrees acquired (Please attach English translations if the documents are not in English) and the corresponding certified copies of the degree certificates.
  • Copy of the identification page(s) of your passport (International PDFs) or identity document.
  • References (Minimum 2 to be attached, one of which should be from the Host).
  • Proof of medical insurance; must include the following for International PDFs only:
    • Details of membership (independent member or dependent on parents/guardian)
    • Declaration that the cover will be valid for the period spent outside home country.
    • Short summary of medical cover provided (maximum of half an A4 page).

Please note: South African Citizens and South African Permanent Residents do not need to provide the medical insurance.

(eg Integrated Water Resources Management, Plant Biotechnology, Water Quality Management, Remote Sensing and GIS, etc)
(eg Integrated Water Resources Management, Plant Biotechnology, Water Quality Management, Remote Sensing and GIS, etc)
Contact person in home country in case of emergencies
By submitting this form you are agreeing to the following declaration.

  1. Leave: Post-Doctoral Fellows are not officially 'employed' by the University but they are entitled to annual leave equivalent to a starting-level contract academic - 30 working days per year.
    • Maternity leave of 3 months is applicable provided that the period of leave is added onto the tenure and is negotiated with the supervisor.
    • Paternity leave to be negotiated with the supervisor provided that the period of leave is added onto the tenure.
  2. Code of Conduct: In the case of a grievance, negotiations will take place among the PDF, Host and Director of Research and Postgraduate Support.
  3. Grievances: Grievances may be brought to the attention of the Director of Research and Postgraduate Support, who will arrange for mediation where necessary.
  4. Intellectual Property: IP resides with the Durban University of Technology.
  5. Collaborations: Within a group there a no rules prohibiting a PDF from collaborations as long as the group leader is informed.
  6. Contract Termination: Should either the Host or PDF want to terminate the contract a 30 day request notice is applicable.
  7. Stipend: Post-Doctoral Fellows receive a stipend as determined by DUT. This will be paid in monthly installments on an annual basis.
  8. Publications: A minimum of 2 units of publications will be required from PDFs per annum (1 unit to be submitted within the first half of the contract). The contract is a 1 year renewal for 2 years, based on progress.
  9. Accommodation: A PDF is free to apply for accommodation at DUT or externally.
  10. Extension of tenure: Since the tenure for the PDF is 2 years, this will entitle funding for that period only. A strong recommendation has to be made by the Host to the Research Directorate in cases where an extension beyond the 2 years is required. This recommendation has to indicate progress of the PDF and has to be well motivated for by the Host.
  11. Certificate: A PDF will be provided with a certificate at the end of his/her tenure.
  12. International Education and Partnerships (IEP): The IEP directorate will assist foreign PDFs with logistical requirements which include immigration requirements.