Many research authors have similar names, and with increasing scholarly publishing, this ambiguity may hinder or confuse the discovery of research in scholarly databases leading to publications being incorrectly attributed.

To address the issue of misplaced publications, a number of organisations and publishers have developed a system of unique and persistent researcher identifiers. These identifiers also offer tools to help researchers measure their research and publication impact. Elements is enabled for ORCID integration and will suggest identifiers by Scopus and Researcher ID helping the researcher to track their publications. 

What is the ORCID ID?

ORCID ID is a 16-digit unique identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers.


The DUT electronic research administration (Elements) system is designed to integrate with ORCID.  Each researcher should get an ORCID here

The DUT Library offers researchers support for these much of these identifiers, such as ORCID, Scopus Author Identifier, Web of Science ResearcherID and the Google Scholar Citations Profile.