Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Prinsloo
Technology Transfer and Innovation (TTI)
Tel: 031 373 2092

Prof Gerhard Prinsloo graduated with a PhD in Electronic Engineering from the University of Stellenbosch in 1993 and enrolled for a BCompt degree in Management Accounting through UNISA.

He started his career as Research and Development Engineer with Telkom Technology Transfer in Cape Town, from which he gained active experience with the filing and commercialization of patents for technology inventions in the corporate industry. He was actively involved with the commercialization of 46 technology inventions locally and abroad through which he gained active experience in working with foreign patent attorneys and a network of corporate and private investors in Europe.

His experience extends into the academic and corporate fields in which he held senior management positions, particularly associated with research, technology transfer, fundraising, partnerships and intellectual property management.