Since August 2012 started registration for postgraduate students for Master and Doctoral degrees in Space Science. For both degrees our Centre needs candidates with Bachelor and Master degrees, respectively in the following specializations:

  1. Radio and Telecommunication Engineering
  2. Satellite Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS), Monitoring and Tracking
  3. Satellite Determination and Navigation or Pure Navigation (Marine or Aeronautical)
  4. Electronics, Electric and Mechanical Engineering
  5. Physics and Chemical Science
  6. Surveying and GIS Science
  7. Maritime, Road, Rail and Aeronautical Science
  8. Computer Science and ICT
  9. Management and Marketing


Studies and Research Program for Specialization, Master and Doctoral Degrees in Space Science for Civilian and Military Applications at DUT.

  • Fundamentals in Space Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS)
  • Space Science Exploration, Technology, Operation Engineering and Launching Vehicles
  • Space Segment Engineering: Spacecraft and Payloads for Fixed and Mobile CNS Applications
  • Satellite TT&C, Thermal, Attitude and Orbit Controls
  • Satellite Solar Cells, Electrical Power and Long-life Batteries
  • Space Engineering of Modern Optical Satellite Systems (OSS)
  • Multipurpose GEO and Non-GEO Satellite Systems for establishment different Space Segments
  • Ground Segment Engineering, Infrastructures and Networks
  • Transmission Techniques, Antenna Systems and Propagation for Space Applications
  • DVB-RCS with IPTV for Fixed, Mobile, Personal, Remote and Rural Systems plus all E-solutions
  • DVB-RCS Systems as Backbone to CNS, ICT and Logistics in Transport Systems
  • Global Mobile Satellite Communications (GMSC) for CNS, ICT, GIS and Logistics
  • Satellite Systems for Distress, Emergency, Hazard and Homeland Security System (HSS)
  • Satellite Systems for Defense, Security and Cross Boarder Monitoring
  • Satellite Systems for Meteorological and Hydrological Observation
  • Satellite System for Space Earth Observations and GIS
  • Satellite Systems for Space Solar Power (SSP)
  • Satellite Asset Tracking (SAT) for Ships/Containers/Cars/Trains/Aircraft integrated by RFID
  • SAT and Fleet Management (SATFM) and Logistics for Mobile Assets
  • Satellite SCADA (M2M) and Logistics for Fixed Assets
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS): GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass
  • Regional Satellite Augmentation Systems (RSAS) for CNS, GIS and Logistics
  • Local Satellite Augmentation System (LSAS) for all Transport Systems
  • Coastal Movement Guidance and Control (CMGC) for Approaching and Seaports
  • Oceanic Sailing Guidance and Control (OSGC)
  • Surface Movement Guidance and Control (SMGC) for Approaching and Airports
  • Oceanic Flight Guidance and Control (OFGC)
  • Land Movement Guidance and Control (LMGC) for Roads and Railways
  • Joint Precision Approach and Landing System (JPALS)
  • Radio Communication Systems (RCS), Antennas and Propagation for Mobile applications Low Frequency Bandwidth as an Alternative for Rural Communications
  • Local VHF Augmentation Systems (LVAS) or DGPS for CNS, GIS and Logistics
  • Stratospheric Communication Platforms (SCP) as a Backbone to CNS, ICT, GIS and Logistics SCP as an Alternative for Rural Communications
  • SCP for transfer of energy from Solarcells in the Space to the Ground via MW at 94 GHz
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Logistics via SAT and RFID Networks
  • ICT over Power Line, LAN, WAN and new CNS and ICT Hardware and Software
  • Radio Telescope Antennas, Earth and Weather Observations including Data Processing
  • Surveillance, Optronics and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Alternative Energy from the Sun, Wind and Sea
  • Environmental Monitoring and Management of Land, Waters and Air
  • Investigation of the best Solar and Wind effects for Solarcells and Windmill power stations
  • Management and Marketing of Enterprise for Space Network and Infrastructures
  • Management of Space Projects, Financing, Insurance of Launches and Satellites
  • Space Commercialization Management, Space Law, Tourism and Commercial Projects

Special mathematical aspects can be included in the above theses.

We are also offering research and studies in the following projects:

  1. African Satellite Augmentation System (ASAS) with LSAS solutions: CMGC and SMGC;
  2. E-education and E-medicine, to connect all schools and hospitals, E-commerce, E-banking (ATM) everywhere in South Africa and Africa via 4th generation of DVB-RCS technology;
  3. Two-way Satellite Broadcast, Broadband and Multimedia service including very high speed Internet via DVB-RCS for Voice, Data and Video (VDV) over IP (VDVoIP) and IPTV;
  4. Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) countrywide using RFID solutions;
  5. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Logistics;
  6. Stratospheric Communication Platforms (SCP);
  7. Satellite Asset Tracking (SAT) worldwide for Containers, Vehicles, Wagons and Mobiles including Aircraft and very light satellite tracking Mobile Multimedia Antennas;
  8. Satellite Asset Tracking and Fleet Management (SATFM) for cars, trucks, buses and trains (locomotives) with possibility for two way transfer of data regarding speed, position, mileage, consumption of fuel, temperatures, door control, and so on; and
  9. Safety, Security, Maintenance and Technical Improvements in all transport systems.

We are also planning to provide short specializations and advanced trainings in Radio and Satellite CNS for all transport applications using an Augmentation Space Solutions of the existing US GPS and the Russian GLONASS (GNSS-1) including current Chinese Compass and future European Galileo (GNSS-2).


Do you want to register? Contact the relevant Departments:


Prof_OluProf. Oludayo O. Olugbara
Department of Information Technology (IT)
Cell: +27 78 0428567, Tel: +27 31 3735591 Fax: +27 86 674 1023
IT Department needs backgrounds in IT and Computer Science, but if some candidate has another background needs to have proof of some exams in IT or similar.
Candidates may also ask for studies of Management and Marketing


SokoyaDr. Oludare Ayodeji Sokoya
Department of Electronic Engineering
Cell: +27 72 359 4439, Tel: +27 31 3736996 Fax: +27 31 373 2744
Electronic Engineering needs backgrounds in Electronic, Electrical, Communication and Computer Science.