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Mechanical Engineering Handbook
Technology Station
International Conference on Composites, Biocomposites and Nanocomposites (ICCBN)
Composite Research Group (CRG)

It is the most general of all the industry-based occupations, ranging across every stage of the manufacturing process and including design, draughting, assembly, quality control, plant operation, maintenance and management. Mechanical Engineering owes this generality to the diverse interests of the founding fathers of the Industrial Revolution: Brunel, who built railways and ships; Maudslay, who pioneered precision machines and meteorological instruments; Newcome, who developed the first practical steam engine and mine pumps; and Watt, who invented the condenser and a whole variety of mechanical mechanisms.

Entry Requirements

National Diploma: Engineering: Mechanical Entry Requirements
Bachelor of Technology: Engineering: Mechanical Entry Requirements
Master of Technology: Engineering: Mechanical Entry Requirements 
Doctor of Technology: Engineering: Mechanical Entry Requirements


Applications to this programme must be made via the Central Applications Office (CAO):
Tel: 031 268 4444