The department set up a School of Horticulture (SOH) in 2006 to take ownership of the experiential training component of the horticulture course. The School lasts for a 6 month period. Learners are involved in a range of hands on horticultural activities, field trips and assessments during this time integrating their theory with practical learning and experiences.

This learning platform engages the head, heart and hands of our learners as they engage with a wide spectrum of local flora both indigenous and ornamental. The course provides an opportunity for visiting local experts at wholesale nurseries and plant production facilities, urban conservation and nature reserves as well as turf grass production and sports grounds facilities such golf, cricket and soccer. Projects include the building of shade houses, rejuvenation of campus grounds and the installation of irrigation systems. Landscape projects have included work at the DUT demonstration garden, at our departmental nursery as well as pilot gardens of annuals and perennials at the Durban Botanic Gardens.