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Pulp and Paper

  • Diploma: Pulp and Paper Technology Handbook
  • Advanced Diploma: Pulp and Paper Technology Handbook


Chemical Engineering

Pulp and Paper Technology

Pulp and Paper Technology is a specialist field of chemical engineering which involves the study of the processes required for the conversion of raw materials such as wood, into pulp and paper products.

Pulp and paper products are indispensable in our daily lives; products such as newspapers, toilet tissue, books, boxes, etc. are an essential component of modern civilization and it is impossible to imagine life without them.

A pulp and paper technologist must have a wide variety of talents. He/she must understand how and why a given process works, in order to set up and operate equipment in the process. A pulp and paper technologist is a creative problem solver, who applies scientific knowledge and technical expertise to ensure that the process runs in the most cost effective and efficient way, and with due regard to safety and the environment.

A person who wants to embark on a career in Pulp and Paper Technology must have a basic knowledge of chemistry and physics, and an aptitude for solving problems logically.


  • Water and wastewater
  • Energy
  • Modeling, Process Synthesis and Design