Student Success and Development Unit

The Student Support and Development (SSD) programmes are designed to nurture students through their academic and campus transition, adaption and success. The motif of this unit at CELT is to contribute to the improved retention and success of students. foregrounding its best practices on a broad scheme of theorem, the SSD Unit offers integrated, holistic and institution-wide support through the array of services that caters for the diverse academic and psycho-social needs of students.

The fundamentals of this holistic support includes extended academic contact, enabling living and learning enviroments and inculcate a culture of accountability amongst students. Furthermore, the Student support and Development unit positions students as co-creators of their own experiences, growth and development.

Contact Person


Teaching and Learning Development Practitioner (TLDP) – FAI, FAS, FMS & FEBE


Ms Shubnam Rambharos

Tel No:031 373 2189