Curriculum and Staff Development Unit

The curriculum and staff development approach incorporates the following three inter-related activities:

Curriculum and Staff Development

The practices of academic staff in the development and enactment of curricula are important contributors to the realisation of ENVISION2030. Programmes within this unit attempt to nurture a people centred culture that values students and staff lived values and “inspire creativity and innovation” to develop innovative curricula that develop adaptive graduates. The programmes in the unit promote research-informed higher education praxis to advance scholarly teaching and learning and research that contributes to curriculum design and pedagogy. Through the provision of continued staff development, the programmes in the unit contribute to a future oriented living and learning institution.

Our approach is underpinned by Lived Values and the African philosophical approach of Ubuntu which fosters relationality, co-creation of knowledge, developing partnerships and a recognition of multiple knowledges, methodologies and theoretical perspectives for Curriculum and Academic Staff Development.

Research – Postgraduate Studies in Higher Education, Advancing scholarship in Academic Staff Development (ASD) through research projects, Journal Publications and Books;

Engagement – viewing the various engagements as sites of knowledge production of/for Academic Staff Development.

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