Livindstone Makondo

Prof Livingstone Makondo

Position: Director CELT (Acting) 
Qualifications: DLitt et Phil (UNISA), MBA HRM (NWU), MALSP, Grad CE, BA Hons, BA (UZ), PGDip HE (RU)
Biography: Associate Professor L. Makondo has been an educator since 1996 and taught at 3 high schools. As a qualified designer, facilitator, assessor and moderator, he has been a graduate teaching assistant, lecturer, senior lecturer, head of department, senior academic development practitioner, senior instructional designer and associate professor at a teacher training college and six universities in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Since joining the Durban University of Technology in 2014, he has been the coordinator for Student Su.pport and Development (SSD). He has been responsible for the conceptualisation and implementation of the now institution-wide first year student experience (FYSE), academic advising (AA), senior year student experience (SYSE) and the School of Education hosted Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDip HE). Livingstone has been responsible for coordination of the provision of academic development services at the Midlands Centre and across DUT. As a member of Senate and AEM, he serves on different committees and portifolios. His research interests are in higher education studies, student and staff development, onomastics, anthroponomastics, human resource management and applied linguistics.
Tel No: (+27)33732248                   Email: : livingstonem@dut.ac.za

Mrs Judy Reddy

Position: Personal Assistant to the Director CELT . 
Qualifications: BTech: Management.
Biography: Judy Reddy Has been a personal assistant to the Director for the last 4 years, prior that, provided admin support to projects.
Tel No: (+27) 313732904                    Email: judyr@dut.ac.za
Shoba RathilalDr Shoba Rathilal Position: Academic Development Practitioner
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (BSc)(Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science), Higher Diploma in Education (HDE), National Diploma in Accounting (NDA) conferred, BTech Corporate Admin, Post graduate Diploma in higher education (PGDHE), Masters in Education. MEd (Mathematics) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Higher Education
Biography: Shoba Rathilal is the staff development coordinator in CELT. She manages/co-manages multiple CELT projects: viz. Extended Curriculum programme (ECP) leadership and development; New Generation Academic Programme (nGAP) Co-ordination and Development; New Emerging Scholars Programme (NESP), and Curriculum Conversations (CC). Although her primary focus is staff development, she works across all aspects of academic development in CELT including student, curriculum and institutional development.
Shoba is driven by a transformative agenda for higher education and therefore subscribes to theories that allow for an unpacking and critique of the underlying generative mechanisms that result in particular practices within higher education, with an intent to explore possibilities to transform practices. Shoba’s research interest is in the area of literacies and numeracies. She has a special interest in engaging with research within the legitimation code theory framework. Her PhD thesis is titled Planning for Numeracy in Higher Education: A South African UOT case study.
Tel No: (+27) 313732771                    Email: shobar@dut.ac.za

Mrs Nalini Chitanand

Position: Staff Development – Academic Development Practitioner
Qualifications: BSc (Chemistry & Biochemistry) (UKZN), Higher Diploma in Education (HDE) (UNISA), Bachelor of Technology (BTech) (Chemistry) (DUT), Master’s of Science (Science Education) (Curtin University, Aus), Project Management (DUT).

Biography: Nalini Chitanand has practiced in the field of academic development for more than two decades, in various areas of academic staff professional development. The principles of transformative learning and critical reflexivity underpins her practice. She participates in a number of activities within the university, nationally and internationally. Within the university, Nalini currently serves as the coordinator for the Academic Induction Programme, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Programme, Moving the Middle Project of Siyaphumelela 2.0 and the Learning and Teaching Conference Committee. She jointly coordinates the Learning, Teaching & Assessment seminar series, Curriculum Conversations, Curriculum Transformation Project that includes Greening the Curriculum, Decoloniality and Knowledge Building and the Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Awards. Nalini is interested in transformative educational practice and the scholarship of teaching and learning. She promotes and conducts research in higher education praxis and advocates for research-informed scholarly higher education.
With a pluralistic approach to knowledge building, she draws on a number of theoretical and methodological approaches to inform her practice and research. These include auto|ethnography, narrative inquiry, action research, poetic inquiry and methodologies of post-qualitative research, including posthumanisms and new materialisms. Nalini serves as guest co-editor for two special issues in the South African Journal of Higher Education (SAJHE). She is currently co-editing a book on Academic Staff Development: Disruptions, Complexities, Change (Envisioning new Futures). Her PhD study, which is in progress, focuses on Academic Staff development in a changing South African higher education context.
Nalini participates in external engagement activities through national collaborative projects and international research and collaborative activities. She participates as a steering committee member for the national collaborative project, New Academics Transitioning in higher education Project (NATHEP). Nalini serves as a member of the core team of the International Transformative Educational Research Network (ITERN) and is a member of the Legitimation Code Theory (LCT) Centre for Knowledge building, the Action Research network and Transformative Learning network.

Tel No: (+27) 313732277                  Email: nalinic@dut.ac.za

Ms Ntokozo Ndokweni Position: RPL Practitioner & Curriculum Expert

Qualifications: MHSc (DUT); Bachelor of Social Science Honours (Psychology) (UKZN-Howard College); BSS Psychology (UKZN); ETDP SETA Assessor & Moderator; HIV & AIDS Certificate.

Biography: Ntokozo Ndokweni is responsible for the following functions: Curriculum Development and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
Curriculum development’s main goal is to engage with the program and unit teams by providing curriculum development support. Develop additional diagnostic systems in collaboration with other central services and faculty to inform curriculum planning and practices. To provide assistance to program teams in the development and review of programs.
Furthermore, Ntokozo works with the ECP team to articulate access into mainstream study through introducing students to discursive practices of selected disciplines
“Recognition of prior learning means the comparison of the previous learning and experience of a learner howsoever obtained against the learning outcomes required for a specified qualification, and the acceptance for purposes of qualification of that which meets the requirements” As a result, the RPL coordinator’s responsibility is to acknowledge the candidate’s previous formal, informal, and non-formal learning abilities, knowledge, and experience. In addition, to aid faculties with the initial administration of assembling portfolio of evidence for potential students.

Tel No: (+27)31 373 2386                   Email: ntokozon2@dut.ac.za

Dr Timothy Aduojo Obaje Position: Academic Development Practitioner (Midlands Campus)

Qualifications: PhD (Social Sciences) (UKZN), Master’s of Social Sciences (UKZN), BA Hons (Philosophy) (UKZN), Certificate in Professional Academic Advising (UFS), Certificate in Research Ethics (UKZN)

Biography: Timothy Obaje currently serves as an Academic Development Practitioner (ADP) at the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, Midlands Campuses. As an ADP, he coordinates academic staff’s continuous professional development activities such as: Curriculum Design and Development, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Staff Induction, the Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award and Academic Advising. Timothy has over nine years of lecturing experience. He lectured at the University of KwaZulu-Natal between 2011 and 2017 and at the Durban University of Technology between 2016 and 2019. His fields of specialisation include Student Academic Development and Success; Academic Staff Professional Development; Public Administration and Public Policy; Conflict Transformation and Sustainable Peace; International Relations; Philosophical Anthropology and Research Methods. He is a passionate scholar and researcher. His ideas are widely shared at international conferences, conference proceedings, policy briefs, and peer-reviewed journals.

Email: TimothyO@dut.ac.za

Sibongile Ansie MadiMrs Sibongile Ansie Madi Position: ECP Research Assistant 
Qualifications: B Tech Language Practice (DUT)
Biography Profile: Sibongile Madi has been providing administrative support to the Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP) at DUT since 2009 and recently, administrative support to the CELT staff development unit. Ms Madi is currently pursuing her M Ed in Adult and Community Education at DUT, with research interest in English as a second language.
Tel No: (+27) 313732189                      Email: sibongilem@dut.ac.za
Preggy ReddyMr Pregalathan Reddy Position: eLearning Systems Coordinator
Qualifications:  MTech (Language Practice) Cum Laude (DUT), B.Tech: LIS (DUT), ND: LIS (ML Sultan Technikon), Participated in the AICTE Sponsored six days short term training programme (STTP) – Perspectives on data analytics with advances in software engineering in 2020, Shortlisted for the Fulbright Scholarship in 2012, Completed the “Applied Data Science: An introduction MOOC” – Syracuse University in 2014, Completed Installing and Configuring Windows 7 Client – Bytes Technology in 2013, Completed the Querying Microsoft SQL 2012 – Bytes Technology in 2014, WBL Module of the PGDHE (NDP) UKZN – 2007, FCOT – Manipal University – 2015.
Biography: Preggy Reddy has been the Blackboard Systems Administrator since 2008-2019 (eleven years). He currently coordinates eLearning Technical Support within CELT which has been using Moodle since 2019. He has worked as Web-based Learning Consultant for a period of two years (2000-2002) and as an Information Officer for three years (2003-2006). He completed his BTech: LIS (2002) and MTech: Language Practice (2014). He was awarded the Aesop Mobility Scholarship in 2016 and spent 6 months (from November 2016 until May 2017) in Madrid at the University of Rey Juan Carlos, where he completed his proposal. He is currently registered for the PhD: Information Technology (expected completion in 2021).
Tel No: (+27) 313736754                    Email: preggyr@dut.ac.za
Prega NaidooMr Prega Naidoo Position: eLearning Systems Coordinator
Qualifications: Information Technology (DUT), BTech: Information Technology (DUT), Online teaching (eMerge Africa, UCT), Instructional Design (Get Smarter, WITS)
Biography: Prega Naidoo works in eLearning technical support for the use of an LMS. He was awarded the Erasmus Aesop scholarship that provided him with the opportunity to study abroad for a semester. Based in Latvia, Prega was able to interact and connect on a global scale, whilst furthering his research in LMS system implementation and Green Technology. His interests extend to.wards the social development of the underprivileged in skill and mind-set.
Tel No: (+27) 313736758                    Email: pregalathann@dut.ac.za
Gita MistriDr. Gita Mistri Position: Senior Lecturer: Academic Development Practitioner
Qualifications: PhD Education (Rhodes), Master’s in Education (Natal), Diploma in Tertiary Education (Unisa), Higher Diploma in Education (Witwatersrand), Bacher or Arts (Witwatersrand)
Biography: Gita Mistri is an academic developer cum educational technologist at the eLearning Unit of the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at the Durban University of Technology. As a critical realist, her research interests are the sociology of education and the meaningful implementation of digital technologies in higher education, particularly focused on learning-teaching interactions. Her doctoral study at Rhodes University, was titled a social realist analysis of participation in academic professional development for the integration of digital technologies in higher education. She currently serves as a lecturer in the Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education, coordinates institution-wide professional capacity development projects and participates in various national higher education related projects. She supervises Master’s students and also serves as an external examiner in her field and is a reviewer and member of the Institutional Ethics Committee at the Durban University of Technology.
Tel No: (+27) 313732786                  Email: gitam@dut.ac.za

Mrs Marí Peté

Position: Educational Technologist
Qualifications: Faculty Certificate in Online Teaching (FCOT) (Manipal), Certified Trainer (Blackboard), MEd (Computer-Assisted Education) (UP), Further Diploma in Education – Computers in Education (UFS), Higher Diploma in Education (UP), BA Honours – Afrikaans and Dutch Literature (UKZN), BA (UP)
Biography: Marí Peté has worked as educational technologist at the Durban University of Technology since 1994. Before this she lectured programming and pedagogy for the Information Technology department’s Further Diploma in Education. She helped establish a computerised mark entry system for the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages of the University of Cambridge in 1991, and she is a founder member of EuroCall for Computer-Assisted Language Learning. Marí’s approach to educational technology is that of a technology ethnographer, In her research she uses creative, imaginative approaches and methodologies, such as poetic inquiry. For example, in her current PhD study, she is turning texts and interview transcripts into poetry, seeking to illuminate the emotional dimensions of teachers’ encounters with technology. Marí has published five poetry collections and in various academic and poetry journals. She co-edited the book Women Artists and Poets Advocate Children’s Rights (Art for Humanity, DUT).
Tel No: (+27) 313735259                  Email: mpete@dut.ac.za
Bwalya LunguMs Bwalya Nyangu Lungu Position: Educational Technologist
Qualifications: BTech (Fashion) (DUT), NDip (Photography) (DUT), completed the Faculty Certificate in Online Teaching (FCOT) (Manipal University), 2015 and also completed the certified course in Web-based Teaching and Learning: Educational Technology (CELT) 2011.
Biography: Bwalya Lungu has been an Educational Technologist and a member of CELT for the past 10 years. She currently serves as the eLearning academic support representative for the Faculty of Management Sciences and Faculty of Arts and Design. Bwalya shares a special interest in innovative use of digital technologies in teaching and learning in higher education. She also shares a special research interest in decolonial studies. She is currently registered for a Masters (Fine Arts) – expected completion 2021)
Tel No: (+27) 313735721                    Email: bwalyal@dut.ac.za
Simon NdlovuMr Msizi Simon Ndlovu Position: Technology for Learning Coordinator  
Qualifications: Diploma in Information Technology & B.Tech (Information Technology)
Biography: Simon Ndlovu is a software developer by profession and DUT’s Technology for learning coordinator. Has won awards for the TFL programme in two consecutive years. He was a member of the Postgraduate Associate (PGA) for three years, the structure that supports and capacitates DUT postgraduate students. He is very passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, African history, and financial education. Simon has presented in countless national academic conferences where he shares his expertise and experiences in the eLearning student support field. Technology for Learning programme is a university- wide programme that trains and supports all DUT students (undergraduates and postgraduates) on the use of online educational platforms.
Tel No: (+27) 313733120                    Email: simonn1@dut.ac.za


Mrs Cebokazi Luthuli

Position: eLearning Secretary  
Qualifications: B Tech in Management (DUT)
Biography: Cebokazi Luthuli has been providing administrative support to the CELT Student Support & Development Unit from 2014 till 2019. She is currently the eLearning administrator and also provides administrative support to the Siyaphumelela 2.0 Moving the Middle Institutional Project.
Tel No: (+27) 31 3736810                Email: cebokazix@dut.ac.za
     Smangele     Dr Smangele Evidence Gumede Position: UCDP Project Manager  
Qualifications: Doctor of Business, Administration (UKZN), Master’s of Business, Administration (UNISA), Honours in Organisational Psychology (UNISA), Post-graduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE) (UNISA), Bachelor of Administration (UKZN)

Biography: Smangele Gumede is responsible for the University Capacity Development Programme (UCDP), with special focus on facilitating coordinating and managing the funding of student development; staff development; programme development and management of the UCDP grant. She is driven by access, transformation, equity, success and the agenda of DUT-DHET’s mandate around implementation of national initiatives. Her role incorporates University Capacity Development Grant; New Generation Academic Programme (nGAP); Nurturing of Emerging Scholars; Covid-19 Response Grant and Collaborative Grants and any other UCDP related ad hoc grants.
Smangele is a mentor and a coach and is equipped with skills and organisational development expertise. She is an accredited moderator and assessor. She has worked both in the Higher Education and private (banking) sector as a UCDP Specialist; Training and Development Specialist, Lecturer and a Banker. She is a Training and Development Specialist. Smangele has also been part of the Energy and Water SETA Committee Board member on a governance perspective. The prestigious institutions that she has worked for are DUT, MUT, ABSA, Richfield Graduate School of Institute. Smangele has collaborated with eThekwini Municipality, assisting with writing of reports, emancipating women on issues related to them through Inanda FM, Igagasi FM, Vibe and FM Capitol FM.

Tel No: (+27) 313732688                    Email: smangeleg@dut.ac.za

         Mr Mzuvele Moonlight Yeni Position: UCDP Project Accountant   
Qualifications: Bachelor of Accounting Science (UNISA)

Biography: Mzuvele Yeni is responsible for monitoring UCDG accounts in accordance with the UCDG standard operating procedures, compilation of monthly financial reports for executive management, and the preparation of financial reports for audit purposes.
Mzuvele served a three-year SAICA training contract with Ngubane & Co., and is a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting Science student with knowledge in Auditing, Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Management Accounting and Taxation. He is driven by efficiency and effectiveness with social responsibility.

Tel No: (+27) 313732688                    Email: MzuveleY@dut.ac.za

Mr Mzwandile Khumalo Position: Student Development Unit Coordinator

Qualifications: MTech Homoeopathy

Biography: Mzwandile Khumalo started working at CELT in 2018, as the coordinator for the First Year Student Experience (FYSE) & Residence Educational Programme (REP) in the Durban Campuses, now a coordinator for the Student Support and Development Unit. He is currently involved in and serves as core team member in the Moving the Middle task team, Sikusekele (We’ve got you) task team and the Student Success task team. He is a scholar and researcher, who has presented his work on student development and success on a number of national and international conferences over his years at CELT.

Tel No: (+27)31 3733122                  Email: MzwandileK@dut.ac.za

Mr Thembinkosi Peter Kalanga Position: Teaching & Learning Development Practitioner, coordinating Student Support & Development Programmes: Midlands Campus

Qualifications: BTech (Honours Degree) (Tourism Management) (DUT), National Diploma (Ecotourism Management) (DUT), currently completing Masters of Management Sciences in Business Administration (DUT)

Biography: Peter Kalanga is currently serving as a Teaching & Learning Development Practitioner (TLDP) at Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching (CELT), and he is currently coordinating the Student Support programmes. He is responsible for coordinating the First Year Student Experience (FYSE), Residence Educational Programme (REP), Tutorial Services (TS), Tutor Training (TT), and Academic Advising (AA) for Midlands Campuses. Peter had started working as a Coordinator for FYSE and REP at CELT in 2019, after serving five years as a departmental tutor and mentor to Financial Management students under the department of Ecotourism.

Tel No: (+27)31 373 3156                   Email: ThembinkosiK1@dut.ac.za

Miss Nomnotho Ntsele Position: Student Support and Development Unit Administrator

Qualifications: National Diploma in Business Administration, Degree of Bachelor of Technology in Management and currently registered for a Master’s of Management Sciences in Administration and Information Management.

Biography: Nomnotho Ntsele provides administration support and coordination of the FYSE, SSE, REP &TFL in CELT for both Durban and PMB campuses.

Tel No: (+27)31 3733123                   Email: Nomnothon@dut.ac.za

Shubnam RambharosMs Shubnam Rambharos Position: Academic Development Practitioner 
Qualifications: B. Sc (Chemistry and Cell Biology); NHD: Post School Education; B. Tech: Chemistry.
Biography: Shubnam Rambharos works across various programmes in Academic Development involving staff, curriculum and student development.
She previously co-managed the Extended Curriculum Programmes focusing on proposal and curriculum development, and the grant management of the Extended Curriculum Programmes. She was also involved in New Academic Staff Induction, staff development for multimodal teaching and learning, programme review and evaluation and the Teaching and Learning Conference.
Shubnam coordinated the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Series which provides a forum for a scholarly and collegial sharing of ideas on higher education pedagogy, knowledge and curriculum.
Shubnam is interested in critically reflective pedagogical practice that enhances learning, teaching and assessment through the design of innovative, flexible, integrated and authentic learning activities. As such she is one of the project leaders of the Siyaphumelela 2.0 Moving the Middle Project, focusing on the development of Blended Integrated Leaning and Assessment Projects. Her research interests lie in critically reflective autobiographical narrative inquiry and arts-based methodologies, which she integrates into her practice.
Tel No: (+27) 313732189                    Email: rambharos@dut.ac.za
Nivar SomaruMr Nivar Somaru Position: Academic Development Practitioner – Faculty of Applied Sciences
Qualifications:  BSS (Law) (UKZN), MBA (RBS), accredited Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator
Biography:  Nivar Somaru has been the Academic Development Practitioner at the Faculty of Applied Sciences since 2014. He specialises in academic development activities such as curriculum design and development, grant coordination, short course design and development, policy review and analysis, staff and student development, faculty general education coordination and E-Learning coordination.
Tel No: (+27) 313733042                     Email: nivars@dut.ac.za
Dr Rosaline Govender Position: Academic Development Practitioner – Faculty of Accounting & Informatics  .
Qualifications:  Doctor of Education: 2013 (UKZN) Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education for Academic Developers: 2015 (Rhodes), Master’s in Education: 1998 (UKZN), Bachelor of Education (Honours): 1994 (UKZN), Bachelor of Pedagogics in Arts: 1992 (UKZN)
Biography:  Rosaline Govender has been working within the field of Academic Development since 2011. Her experience in academic development spans across student, staff and curriculum development. At institutional level, she has served as a member of several task teams including General Education and Siyaphumelela. She was a member of the core team which developed the Cornerstone 101 module (compulsory Institutional General Education module). She is also an accredited facilitator and assessor. At faculty level, Rosaline serves as the coordinator of the Faculty General Education (FGE) modules and under her leadership four FGE modules were developed and implemented. She also convenes the annual Faculty eLearning Faculty Symposium and is the Coordinator of the Decolonisation and Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (SoTL) Projects in the faculty. She supervises postgraduate students and serves as a reviewer on the Faculty Research Ethics Committee. Rosaline is the present Chairperson of the Gender Forum at DUT and the Secretary of the Institutional Forum. Dr Govender is also the Coordinator of the Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education module on the PG Dip in HE at DUT. At national level she previously served as the convenor of the HELTASA’s, Professional Development Collaborative Learning Community (PDCLC). Rosaline is presently the project manager of the HELTASA Professional Learning Project. At an international level she is the convenor of the International Teaching and Learning Collaboration between DUT and Dr.SNS Rajalakshmi College of Arts and Science (India). She is also a member of the LCT Centre for Knowledge Building. Rosaline’s research interests include student success, professional learning, teaching and learning, academic development and gender issues.
Tel No: (+27) 313735642                     Email: rosalineg@dut.ac.za
 Revelation Matthews Serathi MolokwaneDr Serathi Molokwane Position: Academic Development Practitioner – Faculty of Management Sciences  
Qualifications: PhD (UKZN), MA (Education Psychology), Post Graduate Diploma in Education, BA Hons, BA Ed (UFS)
Biography: Revelation Molokwane joined DUT as an Academic Development Practitioner in 2001. He specializes in academic development and all related activities. He has taught at various high schools, colleges of education and North-West University. He has also held the position of Senior Education Specialist in the Department of Education. His particular research interests are contemporary politics, social development and student success.
Tel No: (+27) 313735725                    Email: revelationm@dut.ac.za
Mrs Roshnee Sunder Position: Academic Development Practitioner – Faculty of Arts and Design

Qualifications: MTech in Radiography,BTech in Radiography, NDip in Diagnostic Radiography, Certificates in Web-based Learning and Teaching, Leadership & Management Development, and Project Management

Biography: Roshnee Sunder is responsible for AD activities in the faculty – curriculum and staff development, including General Education and eLearning coordination. She serves on the Siyaphumelela Task Team and various faculty committees. Roshnee is completing her PhD in Higher Education, focusing on curriculum studies and she holds qualifications in Radiography. Her other interests include an understanding of how academics experience the workplace and navigate through their multiple roles as teachers, researchers, innovators, role models, change agents, etc.; and in the role of technology in 21st century higher education. Roshnee remains involved in postgraduate supervision. She is a recipient of CHE/HELTASA National Excellence in Teaching & Learning Award, the Vice Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award and Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2012. In 2006, she received a Cosmonauts Teaching Award for Excellence in the field of eLearning. She is working group member of the iKudu Project, which is focusing on curriculum transformation and virtual exchanges. She also served as a programme reviewer for the CHE and is a current reviewer for The South African Radiographer.

Tel No: (+27)31 3736514                   Email: roshs@dut.ac.za

Dr Nicolle Manjeya Position: Academic Development Practitioner (Acting) – Faculty of Arts and Design

Qualifications: PhD (Management) (Public Administration) DUT, MSc (International Relations) (University of Zimbabwe), BSc Hons (Political Science) (University of Zimbabwe)

Biography: Nicolle Manjeya is an Academic Development and Literacy researcher based at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa. Her research interests are in academic literacy and development in Higher Education (operational and administrative frameworks of academic literacy and development). She is an active researcher in the nature of the South African Higher Educational landscape and how it continues to evolve. With a PhD in Management Sciences specialising in Higher Education, she investigates and writes about the theoretical and practical experiences of both students and staff that contribute to the development and transformation of academia in South Africa and the world at large.

Tel No: (+27)31 3736514                   Email: nicollem@dut.ac.za

Mr Nerolen Soobryan Position: Academic Development Practitioner – Faculty of Health Science

Qualifications: Master Medical Sciences-Physiology (UKZN)

Biography: Nerolen Soobryan supports and develops academics and students in the areas of teaching and learning (LTA). He liaises with the Executive Dean, departmental heads, professional bodies and other Faculty committees in determining the LTA needs in the faculty. Nerolen is the faculty general education coordinator and lecturer.

Tel No: (+27)31 3736637                   Email: Nerolens@dut.ac.za

Dr Rosheena Jeawon Position: Academic Development Practitioner – Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment

Qualifications: PhD (Social Sciences) (UKZN); Master’s of Social Policy (UKZN); BA (Psychology) (UKZN)

Biography: Rosheena Jeawon currently serves as an Academic Developer Practitioner in the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment. She has been a Co-ordinator of Academic Advising in the Student Support Unit at CELT for the past year. She has a special interest in student development with over 10 years’ experience from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Her research areas are in assessment and effective support systems for first year students in higher education.

Tel No: (+27)31 3732478                   Email: rosheenaj@dut.ac.za

Nithianandhen Gonaseelan MunsamyMr Nithianandhen Gonaseelan Munsamy Position: Multimedia Manager
Qualifications: BSc (Maths & Stats), NHD: Teacher Education
Biography: Nelson Munsamy manages the technical staff and operations in the provision of multimedia services to the teaching and learning community of DUT and ideo productions for video-based teaching as part of the blended mode of instruction. Overall Nelson is in charge of the equipping and maintenance of all technology-enhanced equipment installed in all campus lecture venues. He works closely with the eLearning unit primarily and with allied sister units in video-based work. He provides support and training in MS Teams. He oversees and ensures pre and post-production of videos for all official DUT functions.
Tel No: (+27) 313735412                    Email: munsamng@dut.ac.za
Terrence NaidooMr Terrence Naidoo Position: Technical Assistant
Qualifications: National Dip HR (current)
Biography Profile: Terrence Naidoo has been employed by the university for the past 11 years and has been involved in numerous projects at various levels. He is knowledgeable and well versed in all aspects of multimedia.
Tel No: (+27) 313735237                    Email: terrencen@dut.ac.za
Jerry Sylvester 1 Mr Jerry Christopher  Sylvester Position: Multimedia Officer

Qualifications: B.Tech Management (DUT); Bachelors Degree in Business Administration BBA ( Technikon Natal – University of Wales); Television and Media production studies (ICESA); Web Based Teaching and Learning (Edtech, CELT – DUT); Project Management Short Course (DUT).

Biography: Jerry Sylvester has been employed by the university for the past 23 years, first by Technikon Natal and later by Durban Institute of Technology and now Durban university of Technology. He has been involved in numerous projects at various levels. He is knowledgeable and well versed in all aspects of multimedia and associated technologies. At present he is working towards his Masters in Education.

Tel No: (+27) 313732598                    Email: jerrys@dut.ac.za

Morgan Kisten 1Mr Morgen Kisten Position: Multimedia Officer
Qualifications: Bachelors degree In Photography- Visual communication and design (DUT). Business management Development Programme (BMDP-Technikon Natal) (DUT).
Biography: Morgen Kisten has been employed by the university for the last 30 years .1991-2001 –Technikon Natal. 2002 -2006- DIT. 2007- present- DUT. Is passionate about photography and known as the Campus Photographer. He undertakes all the duties of a Multimedia officer and is involved in various functions and programmes. Conducts video, Photography and e-learning based projects. He is well knowledgeable and well versed in all aspect of multimedia and its associated technologies. Currently working towards his Masters in Photography.
Tel No: (+27) 313732247                    Email: morgenk@dut.ac.za
Keith Kenneth 1Mr Keith Kenneth Position: Multimedia Officer
Biography: Keith Kenneth started working at DUT in 1997, has 20 years experience in Multi Media. Specialized in taking Photos and Video for workshops! Hard working and has good communication skills.
Tel No: (+27) 313735377                   Email: kennethk@dut.ac.za
Robin MoodleyMr Robin Moodley Position: Multimedia Officer
Biography: Robin has been  employed by the university for the past 26 years, first by ML Sultan Technikon and later by Durban Institute of Technology and now Durban university of Technology. He has been involved in numerous projects at various levels. He is knowledgeable and well versed in all aspects of multimedia and associated technologies. He has insurmountable administration and procurement skills and experience.
Tel No: (+27) 313735107                    Email: moodleyr@dut.ac.za
Dr Olugbenga (Benga) Aderibigbe Position: ODL Executive Project Coordinator

Qualifications: PhD Higher Education Studies (UFS), M Com Economics (UL), B Com (Hons) Economics (UP), B Sc (Hons) Bus Admin (Unilag), PGCE (UNISA)

Biography: Benga Aderibigbe currently leads the implementation of the Online Distance Learning (ODL) initiative at the Durban University of Technology. Prior to joining the University, he has had diverse experience in both the public and private sectors as an academic, researcher and operations executive.  He also holds additional qualifications and short course certificates in Training Practices, Assessment Practices, Assessment Moderation, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Distance and Online Learning, Open Educational Resources (OER), and Senior Management Service (SMS) cadre from reputable local and international institutions including Athabasca University in Canada, Commonwealth of Learning, Canada and National School of Government (DPSA). Benga is registered with the South African Council for Educators (SACE) as a professional educator. His research interests include Work Integrated Learning (WIL), Adult education, Open Distance Learning (ODL), eLearning and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Tel No: (+27)31 3732685                   Email: OlugbengaA@dut.ac.za

Mrs Olga Ntombikayise Ntonto Twala  Position: Online Distance Learning (ODL) Administrator

Qualifications: BA Humanities, Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Certificate in Human Resource Management

Biography: Olga Twala provides administration support and coordination of the Online Distance Learning Project Office.

Tel No: (+27)31 3736755                  Email: OlgatT@dut.ac.za