Thengamehlo Harold Ngwenya

Prof. Thengamehlo Harold Ngwenya

Position: CELT DirectorQualifications: D Litt et Phil (UNISA); MA (Natal); M Ed (Higher Education Management) (UNISA), BA Honours (Natal); Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (DTE) (UNISA).

Biography: Thengani Harold Ngwenya has been the Director of CELT for the past nine years. He has lectured at different South African universities in English Literary Studies and Education Management. Ngwenya specialises in various aspects of Higher Education Studies including curriculum design and development; teaching and learning; and student and staff development.

Tel No: (+27) 313732248                    Email: ngwenyat@dut.ac.za

Mrs Judy Reddy

Position: P.A to Director of CELT


Qualifications: ND: Office Management & Technology, BTech: Management, UNISA (2009). NQF 6 Public Relations Certificate Course, UNISA (2011). BTech: Management, UNISA. ICDL, UNISA (2012). Masters: Marketing and Communications (DUT) (present).


Biography: 2002 – 2012 Secretary – CELT –  Durban University of Technology; Aug 2012 – Jan 2015 – Public Relations & marketing Practitioner (secondment); Feb 2015 – current – CELT.

Tel No: (+27) 313732904                    Email: judyr@dut.ac.za


Mrs Cebokazi Luthuli

Position: Secretary


Tel No: (+27) 31 3736810                Email: cebokazix@dut.ac.za

Mrs Nalini Chitanand

Position: Staff Development – Academic Development Practitioner


Qualifications: BSc (Chemistry & Biochemistry) (UKZN), HDE (UNISA), BTech (Chemistry) (DUT), MSc (Science Ed) (Curtin University, Aus), Project Management (DUT).  

Biography: Nalini Chitanand has worked in the field of academic development for more than two decades and currently works in all areas of academic staff professional development. She coordinates the Academic Induction Programme and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Fellows Programme. Her work is underpinned by transformative and sustainable academic development and higher education practices and her interests includes promoting research in higher educational practices. Her research interests include transformative education, scholarship of teaching and learning, multiparadigmatic research design, arts based and self-reflexive research methodologies,. She participates in the International Transformative Educational Research Network (ITERN) and a national collaborative project, New Academics’ Transitions into Higher Education Project (NATHEP) and has established collaborations with a number of national and international researchers in the field of higher education. She is currently engaged in PhD study on ‘academic staff development’.

Tel No: (+27) 313732277                  Email: nalinic@dut.ac.za

Keith Kenneth 1Mr Keith Kenneth Position: Multimedia Officer


Biography: Keith Kenneth started working at DUT in 1997, has 20 years experience in Multi Media. Specialized in taking Photos and Video for workshops! Hard working and has good communication skills.

Tel No: (+27) 313735377                   Email: kennethk@dut.ac.za

Morgan Kisten 1Mr Morgen Kisten Position: Multimedia Officer



Qualifications: Bachelors degree In Photography- Visual communication and design (DUT). Business management Development Programme (BMDP-Technikon Natal) (DUT).

Biography: Morgen Kisten has been employed by the university for the last 26 years .1991-2001 –Technikon Natal. 2002 -2006- DIT. 2007- present- DUT. Is passionate about photography and known as the Campus Photographer. He undertakes all the duties of a Multimedia officer and is involved in various functions and programmes. Conducts video, Photography and e-learning based projects. He is well knowledgeable and well versed in all aspect of multimedia and its associated technologies. Currently working towards his Masters in Photography.

Tel No: (+27) 313732247                    Email: morgenk@dut.ac.za

Bwalya LunguMs Bwalya Lungu Position: Support in eLearning Design and Research for the faculties of Applied Sciences and Engineering & the Built Environment


Qualifications: BTech: (DUT) and NDip: (DUT)

Biography: Bwalya Lungu has been a member the E-learning team; CELT for that past 6 years. She currently serves as the Educational Technologist representative and academic support for Faculty Applied Sciences and Engineering and the Built Environment. She shares a special interest in innovative use of digital technologies in teaching and learning in higher education. She also shares a special research interest in African and cultural studies.

Tel No: (+27) 313735378                    Email: bwalyadutmail@gmail.com

Sibongile Ansie MadiMs Sibongile Ansie Madi Position: ECP Research AssistantQualifications:B Tech Language Practice (DUT)

Biography Profile: Administrative/  Research support for Extended Curriculum Programmes (ECP) at DUT. Sibongile is currently registered for Master of Language Practice at DUT.

Tel No: (+27) 313732189                      Email: sibongilem@dut.ac.za

Livindstone MakondoProf. Livingstone Makondo Position: Academic Development Practioner


Qualifications: D Litt et Phil (UNISA); Master of Business Administration (NWU); Master of Arts in Language for Specific Purposes; Graduate Certificate in Education; BA Honours; BA (UZ); Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (RU).

Biography: Livingstone Makondo has been a teacher, lecturer and academic development practitioner/senior instructional designer at four universities in South Africa, two in Zimbabwe and three high schools. He is Academic Development Practitioner based in the Midlands Centre responsible for student and staff academic development. He is the co-ordinator for student academic development unit in CELT responsible for First Year Student Experience, Residence Educational Programme, Tutorials, Access for Success, coordinator of Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education and FYSE leader. His research areas are onomastics, assessment and higher education teacher and student development. He serves in several DUT Committees.

Tel No: (+27) 338458932                    Email: livingstonem@dut.ac.za

Gita MistriDr. Gita Mistri Position: Support in eLearning Design and Research for the faculties of Accouunting and Informatics & Health Sciences


Qualifications: PhD (Rhodes University), M. Ed (Natal), Diploma in Tertiary Education (DTE) (UNISA), Higher Diploma in Education (University of the Witwatersrand), BA (University of the Witwatersrand).

Biography: Gita Mistri has been Coordinator of Academic Development of e-Learning at CELT for the past year. She also serves as educational technologist at Durban University of Technology, recently serving the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics and Faculty of Health Sciences. She has a special interest digital technologies related research and the innovative use of digital technologies in teaching-learning interactions in higher education.

Tel No: (+27) 313736758                    Email: gitam@dut.ac.za

     Smangele     Dr SmangeleGumede Position: UCDP Project Manager


Qualifications: Doctor of Business Administration (UKZN); Master of Business Administration (UNISA); Honours – Bachelor of Administration in Industrial and Organisational Psychology (UNISA; Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (UNISA); Bachelor of Business Administration (UKZN); Skills Development Facilitator (Edutel); Moderator, Assessor, Coach and Mentor (ETDP; LGSETA; HWSETA).

Biography:My role in CELT and DUT is as the UCDP Project Manager and this encompasses the management, administration and implementation of the University Capacity Building and development activities. It strategically straddles the various sectors of the university thus bringing together good teaching, quality research and ongoing professional development.

Tel No: (+27) 313732688                    Email: smangeleg@dut.ac.za

 Revelation Matthews Serathi Molokwane Mr Revelation Matthews Serathi Molokwane Position: Academic Development Practitioner


Qualifications: MA (Education Psychology), Post Graduate Diploma in Education, BAHons, BAED (UFS).

Biography: Revelation Matthews Serathi Molokwane joined DUT as Academic Development Practioner (Faculty of Management Sciences) six years ago. Has taught at various High Schools, College of Education and University of North West. Was a Senior Education Specialist – Department of Education.

Tel No: (+27) 313735725                    Email: revelationm@dut.ac.za

Robin MoodleyMr Robin Moodley Position: Multimedia OfficerBiography: Robin has been  employed by the university for the past 26 years, first by ML Sultan Technikon and later by Durban Institute of Technology and now Durban university of Technology. He has been involved in numerous projects at various levels. He is knowledgeable and well versed in all aspects of multimedia and associated technologies. He has insurmountable administration and procurement skills and experience.

Tel No: (+27) 313735107                    Email: moodleyr@dut.ac.za

Nithianandhen Gonaseelan MunsamyMr Nithianandhen Gonaseelan Munsamy Position: Multimedia Manager


Qualifications: BSc (UNISA) and NHD: Post School Education (MLST)

Biography: Management of Multimedia Services for the university. Over 30 years experience in audiovisual terrain.

Tel No: (+27) 313735412                    Email: munsamng@dut.ac.za

Prega NaidooMr Prega Naidoo Position: eLearning Helpdesk Administrator


Qualifications:ND:Information Technology, BTech:  Information Technology, Blackboard

Biography: Pregalathan Naidoo has been the eLearning helpdesk administrator since 2012. He currently supports academics with eLearning related issues and trains technical staff on Blackboard support. He is currently completing his Masters in Information Technology at the Durban University of Technology, during this study period he was awarded with the Erasmus Mundus Aesop masters scholarship in Latvia. In university of Latvia, he furthered his studies and research to include World War II history; he received a letter of outstanding achievement for his work in the course.advanced user, eMerge Africa online facilitating.

Tel No: (+27) 313736758                    Email: pregalathann@dut.ac.za

Terrence NaidooMr Terrence Naidoo Position: Multimedia Assistant


Qualifications: Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Introduction to Adobe After Effects CC.

Biography Profile: Terrence Naidoo has been employed by the university for the past 9 years. He has been involved in numerous projects at various levels. He is knowledgeable and well versed in all aspects of multimedia.

Tel No: (+27) 313735237                    Email: terrencen@dut.ac.za

Zodidi NdayiMs Zodidi Ndayi Position: Data Capturer – Nbt/Satap – CELT


Qualifications: ND: Office Management & Technology (DUT)Participation award: Review and Revision of DUT Standardised Assessment Tests for Tests for Access and Placement.

Biography: Zodidi Ndayi joined CELT in 2014 as part of the Work Integrated Learning component of her diploma. She initially worked as an Assistant Administrator in the Recognition of Prior Learning. Later in 2014 she was appointed as an administrator for Access for Success Project. She is responsible for the logistics of the administration of Access and Placement testing viz. the Standard Assessment Test for Access and Placement (SATAP) and National Benchmarking Tests (NBTs), together with all other administrative responsibilities within the project and the unit. SATAPs and NBTs focus on Access and placement to programmes and contributing to success through designing responsive curricula.                                                                 

Email: zodidin@dut.ac.za

Simon NdlovuMr Simon Ndlovu Position: FYSE Technical Support


Qualifications: NDip Information Technology (Software Development), BTech Information Technology and currently finishing his Masters Degree in Information Technology. 

Biography: Simon Ndlovu has been with Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching for three years, he was first appointed as BlackBoard Helpdesk in replacement of a colleague which was on study leave. He then joined the First-Year Student Experience Programme, he leads a programme called Technology for Learning (TFL) which focuses on supporting students with technological matters in their studying journey. He has worked in the Software Development companies as a Software Developer and App GUI designer.

Tel No: (+27) 313736755                    Email: simon1ndlovu@dut.ac.za

Shubnam RambharosMrs Shubnam Rambharos Position: Academic Development Practitioner


Biography: Shubnam Rambharos works in the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) at the Durban University of Technology. She is the Coordinator of the Extended Curriculum Programmes (ECP) at DUT. Shubnam is responsible for developing and offering interventions that assist ECP educators to enhance effective learning, teaching and assessment strategies through the design of innovative, flexible, integrated and authentic learning activities. She also assists with and facilitates curriculum review workshops for individual ECPs. Her research interests lie in self study and arts based methodologies.

Tel No: (+27) 313732189                    Email: rambharos@dut.ac.za

Shoba RathilalMs Shoba Rathilal Position: Academic Development Practitioner


Qualifications: BSc (Mathematics,  Statistics, Computer Science), HDE, National Diploma in Accounting, BTech Corporate Admin, PGDHE, Med (Mathematics)

Biography: Shoba Rathilal works across all aspects of academic development in CELT including student, staff, curriculum and institutional development. She currently manages two CELT projects: viz. Access for Success and Mainstreaming Academic Literacies (AcLits). The Access project focusses on issues of access and placement to programmes and contributing to success through designing responsive curricula. The AcLits project focusses on teaching practices and curriculum design that makes explicit the disciplinary discourses. She is driven by a transformative agenda for higher education and therefore subscribes to social theories in higher education. Her research interest is in Numeracy in Higher Education.

Tel No: (+27) 313732771                    Email: shobar@dut.ac.za

Preggy ReddyMr Preggy Reddy Position:  eLearning Systems Administrator


Qualifications:  Mtech: Language Practice – Cum Laude (DUT); Btech: LIS (DUT); ND: LIS (ML Sultan Technikon); Shortlisted for the Fulbright Scholarship in 2012; Completed the “Applied Data Science: An introduction MOOC” – Syracuse University in 2014; Completed Installing and Configuring Windows 7 Client – Bytes Technology in 2013; Completed the Querying Microsoft SQL 2012 – Bytes Technology in 2014; WBL Module of the PDHE (NDP) UKZN – 2007; FCOT – Manipal University – 2015

Biography: Preggy Reddy has been the Blackboard Systems Administrator since 2008 (nine years). Previously he has worked as Web-based Learning Consultant for a period of two years (2000-2002) and as an Information Officer for three years (2003-2006). He completed his Btech: LIS (2002) and Mtech: Language Practice (2014). He was awarded the Aesop Mobility Scholarship in 2016 and spent 6 months (from November 2016 until May 2017) in Madrid at the University of Rey Juan Carlos. He is currently registered for the PhD: Information Technology (2016).

Tel No: (+27) 313736754                    Email: preggyr@dut.ac.za

Nivar SomaruMr Nivar Somaru Position: Academic Development Practitioner


Qualifications:  BSS LAW (UKZN), MBA (currently completing)

Biography:  Nivar Somaru has been the Academic Development Practitioner at the Faculty of Applied Sciences since 2014. Mr Somaru specialises is academic development activities such as curriculum design and development; grants coordination; short course design and development; staff and student development; faculty general education coordination and e-learning coordination.

Tel No: (+27) 313733042                     Email: nivars@dut.ac.za

Jerry Sylvester 1 Mr Jerry Sylvester Position: Multimedia Officer

Qualifications: B.Tech Management (DUT); Bachelors Degree in Business Administration BBA ( Technikon Natal – University of Wales); Television and Media production studies (ICESA); Web Based Teaching and Learning (Edtech, CELT – DUT); Project Management Short Course (DUT).

Biography: Jerry Sylvester has been employed by the university for the past 23 years, first by Technikon Natal and later by Durban Institute of Technology and now Durban university of Technology. He has been involved in numerous projects at various levels. He is knowledgeable and well versed in all aspects of multimedia and associated technologies. At present he is working towards his Masters in Education.

Tel No: (+27) 313732598                    Email: jerrys@dut.ac.za

Cebokazi XozwaMrs Cebokazi Luthuli Position: Rep and FYSE Administrator


Biography: Four years and eight months as an administrator.

Tel No: (+27) 313732091                    Email: cebokazix@dut.ac.za

Sandiselwe Phiwe N ZuluMs Sandiselwe Phiwe N Zulu Position: Teaching Development Grant Co-Ordinator


Qualifications: B Ed Hons (Educational Leadership, Management and Policy Studies) (UKZN) B Ed: FET (EMS) (DUT)

Biography: Ms Zulu has been the Institutional Coordinator for the Teaching Development Grant (TDG) and the New Generation of Academics Programme (NGAP) for 2 years. She coordinates activities relating to the utilisation of both funds. This includes preparing expenditure reports for internal purposes and progress reports (financial and narrative) for submission to the Department of Higher Education and Training. Prior to this position, she lectured for 9 years in the area of Educational Leadership and Management. Sandi is currently completing her Masters study.

Tel No: (+27) 313732688                    Email: sandiz@dut.ac.za

Sipho Godfrey Reynold ZuluMr Sipho Godfrey Reynold Zulu Position: Academic Development Practitioner 


Tel No: (+27) 313732386                    Email: zulusgr@dut.ac.za