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European Union (EU) Partners:


Focus Group / Industry Collaboration:

What is the Focus Group: The project needs a number of ‘gate keepers’ forming the Focus Group (FG) with the responsibility to monitor the quality of all project results.The FG will report to the project coordinator and delivers a final report with recommendations for fine-tuning all main deliverables. The FG has an objective view and consists of external experts and has no management task. Their objective assessment of the project’s activities and deliverables improves its quality and per definition can’t be done by project partners (never grade your own paper). In total approx. 5 to 10 industry representatives will be contracted for the focus group. These members are invited to participate in General Meetings, certainly on their ‘own’ continent and possibly abroad, to be informed and involved more.

  • UNSA – Focus Group coordinator – promoting BeNeLux-SA exchanges 
  • DC Systems – R&D company developing new DC-technologies – Focus Group Member
  • HdP Energy – Independent contractor, advisory to SSS, collaborates with CPUT – Focus Group Member 


South African (SA) Partners: