Introduction: The DCT REES Erasmus project is an EU sponsored project to promote the use of DC energy instead of traditional AC system with the objective of improving system efficiency. The European and South African universities have specialized in different projects in the use of DC. The transfer of knowledge between the Universities is part of Work Package 5 and essential for the effective distribution of the collective knowledge.

An effective method of knowledge transfer is by doing a project where most of the technologies are integrated and all participants are exposed to the application of new technology. This will include a hands on approach for the installation and use of the technology, presentations of the academic background covering the different topics and the distribution of academic notes.

As part of preparation for a General Meeting in Port Elizabeth (March 2020, postponed due to COVID-19 measures), a three day workshop-program was developed, to support this transfer of knowledge mentioned above. The Manual for this meeting is available for download( Train-the-Trainer Port Elizabeth Training & Workshop Manual ). For August 2020, an online meeting is being prepared. Some of the content for the Port Elizabeth meeting, well be used in this online meeting.