DCT-REES partners aim to develop courses and classes that attract students, offering content they fully understand. This content is based upon recent developments in Power Electronics. In the Netherlands, several parties are adopting and developing this technology, to further develop new DC technology. To improve understanding for students, partners have developed an exchange program, allowing all South-African partners to send several Master or Bachelor Students to the Netherlands, to first-hand learn in a EU context and to help implement new educational materials in a South-African context.


From April 30th 2019 until March 2020, already 16 students from all of the SA partners, have participated in the exchange pgrogram, offering various assignments and internships in collaboration with Netherlands Industry. The first 5 groups of the progam were executed as planned. Most of these students were in the Master-stage, some of them were employed by their Universities, to help with implementation of DC labs back at home. Group 6 students however were forced to return to South-Africa due to annulment of classes and closure of Universities in the Netherlands (COVID-19 measures), just two weeks after their start the 2nd of March 2020. Shortly thereafter, Lockdown was announced in South-Africa as well. Partners are considering COVID-19 developments in looking for alternative approaches to continue this exchange program.


Manual for exchange students 
Overall invite for DCT-REES partners